A Better Way Archive

 A Better Way was the Circle’s newsletter from our founding in 1993. Below is an archive of issues from 2003 until we ceased publication in 2020. (Copies of A Better Way from 1993 – 2003 were printed and mailed and are not included in the archives below.) 

A Better Way #143

  • Announcing the Story Project
  • An Interview with Story Project Leaders Sue Pearson and Nancy Pickard
  • The Trivial and the Traumatic
  • The Vision That Changed My Life

A Better Way #142

  • From the Paper on Which it Was Written into the Hearts for Which it was Intended: An Update on the Circle’s Visioning Process and Where We Go From Here
  • The Circle’s Approach to A Course in Miracles
  • Our Purpose & Values
  • Meet Our Board Members

A Better Way #141

  • The Fifty Miracle Principles: The Foundation that Jesus Laid for His Course
  • Three Habits the Course Wants Us to Form

A Better Way #140

  • From False Guiltlessness to True Guiltlessness: A Commentary on Helen’s Concept of “Healthy Guilt Feelings”

A Better Way #139

  • Readers’ Experiences of Our New Complete and Annotated Edition of A Course in Miracles

A Better Way #138

  • “You Need to Learn How to Love Other People” A Story of Guidance

A Better Way #137

  • Miracles Depend on Timing: Trusting in the Process of Positive Change

A Better Way #136

  • “The Sole Responsibility of the Miracle Worker” What Does That Line Really Mean?

A Better Way #135

  • I Need Be Anxious Over Nothing: The Course’s Promise of a Carefree Life

A Better Way #134

  • How Does Projection Really Work?

A Better Way #133

  • The Outcome Is As Certain As God: The Blessings of Infinite Patience

A Better Way #132

  • Course Lore: Common Misconceptions and Their Correction

A Better Way #131

  • Every Problem Quietly Resolved: The Liberating Problem-Solving Approach of “The Quiet Answer” (T-27.IV)

A Better Way #130

  • The Holy Spirit: The Voice for God or the Voice of God?

A Better Way #129

  • We Have the Answer: Jesus’ Vision of a Better World and How We Can Achieve It

A Better Way #128

  • The Course’s Program: Studying, Practicing, and Extending Jesus’ New Meaning, So That It Becomes the Only Meaning for You

A Better Way #127

  • Purpose, Vision, Guidance: The Foundation for a Fulfilling Life

A Better Way #126

  • “Shall We Not Speak to Him?” What to Do with the Prayers in the Workbook

A Better Way #125

  • The Ultimate Problem-Solving Repertoire: How A Course in Miracles Has Helped Us in Couples Counseling — and How It Could Become a Helper of the World

A Better Way #124

  • Healing is Reparation: The Relief of No Longer Having to Be Mistake Free

A Better Way #123

  • Jesus as Therapist: The Discourse about Bill’s Parents

A Better Way #122

  • The Inexpressible Sanctity of Personhood

A Better Way #121

  • Healing the Conflict of Wills

A Better Way #120

  • Unloosening the Chains of Time: The Practice of Letting Go of the Previous Hour and Blessing the Hour to Come

A Better Way #119

  • “A Method of Conversion:” Thoughts on How to Truly Change Hearts and Minds

A Better Way #118

  • “The Power of the Mind and the Challenges of Our Lives:” What Role Does One Play in the Other?
  • Sacred Exchange: Real Healing

A Better Way #117

  • “What Should I Do for Him, Your Holy Son?” How We Can Truly Forgive Others and Set Ourselves Free

A Better Way #116

  • “The Loneliness Is Gone” Thoughts on Inviting a Closer Relationship with Jesus

A Better Way #115

  • At Home in a New World

A Better Way #114

  • Should the Course Community Actually Be United?

A Better Way #113

  • Could the Course Community Actually Be United?

A Better Way #112

  • Why Are You Not Rejoicing? The Spirit of Celebration in the Historical Jesus and A Course in Miracles

A Better Way #111

  • Individual Responsibility or Communal Responsibility: What Would the Course Have Us Emphasize?

A Better Way #110

  • “Do Not See Error” — How Not Making Error Real Makes Forgiveness Easy

A Better Way #109

  • “Breaching the Wall of Pain”

A Better Way #108

  • “God Is Still Love, and This Is Not His Will”: The Light That Shines Away the Darkness

A Better Way #107

  • “All My Sorrows End in Your Embrace”: The Concept of “Embrace” in A Course in Miracles

A Better Way #106

  • Unconditional — What a Wonderful Word

A Better Way #105

  • Does the Course’s Teaching on Vision Fit What People Experience?

A Better Way #104

  • What Is Vision?

A Better Way #103

  • Who Made the World?

A Better Way #102

  • My Course-based Jury Duty

A Better Way #101

  • How Ridiculous to Think That Love Could Be Compromised?

A Better Way #100

  • Forgiveness: The Recognition of Inestimable Worth

A Better Way #99

  • It All Served to Benefit the Word

A Better Way #98

  • The Religion of the Ego

A Better Way #97

  • The Earthquake in Haiti: A Call for Miracles
  • Groundhog Day

A Better Way #96

  • The Creative Impulse: What Place Does it Have in the Spiritual Life?

A Better Way #95

  • Happy Fiction: A Course Perspective on the Stories We Tell

A Better Way #94

  • “I Will There Be Light”

A Better Way #93

  • What Is the Meaning of Love?

A Better Way #92

  • What Is the Soul?

A Better Way #91

  • A New Vision of the Miracle

A Better Way #90

  • How Exactly Is Attack a Call for Love?

A Better Way #89

  • The Law of Love is Universal: Reflections on the Prayer for Lesson 345

A Better Way #88

  • “This Course Is a Guide to Behavior” Part II: The Joy of Releasing the Miracle Drive

A Better Way #87

  • “This Course Is a Guide to Behavior” Part I: The Presence and Role of Behavior in A Course in Miracles

A Better Way #86

  • Is Reading Signs Compatible with A Course in Miracles?

A Better Way #85

  • “For This You Yearn” The Goal of Holiness in A Course in Miracles

A Better Way #84

  • Brother, Can You Spare a Miracle?

A Better Way #83

  • It’s For Real: Finding and Fulfilling Your Special Function

A Better Way #82

  • What on Earth Is Our Special Function?

A Better Way #81

  • The Holy Relationship: The Source of Your Salvation

A Better Way #80

  • “These Words Dispel the Night”

A Better Way #79

  • Never Correct a Brother’s Error?
  • “Learn to See These Foolish Applications”

A Better Way #78

  • Interpretation and the Future of the Course
  • Responses to Boomeritis Questionnaire

A Better Way #77

  • I Follow the Way Appointed Me
  • Miracles Boomeritis Questionnaire

A Better Way #76

  • A Conversation with Readers about Miracle Boomeritis

A Better Way #75

  • Miracle Boomeritis

A Better Way #74

  • The Urgency of Doing Our Part in Salvation

A Better Way #73

  • Anchoring a Tradition

A Better Way #72

  • Realizing the Promises of the Course

A Better Way #71

  • The Practice of Being Present to God

A Better Way #70

  • The Joy of Realizing That This Place is Hell

A Better Way #69

  • Questioning Every Value That You Hold

A Better Way #68

  • What is God Like?

A Better Way #67

  • How Do We Spend Our Days After the Workbook?

A Better Way #66

  • The Importance of Relationships in A Course in Miracles
  • The Answer I Had Been Looking For

A Better Way #65

  • Seek Not to Change the World?

A Better Way #64

  • Why I AM a Course Purist

A Better Way #63

  • What If Jesus Really Did Write This?

A Better Way #62

  • A Course in Miracles and The Secret

A Better Way #61

  • The Rules That Promise You a Happy Day

A Better Way #60

  • How Is Our Brother Our Savior?

A Better Way #59

  • The Course’s Nondualism: Love is a Law Without an Opposite

A Better Way #58

  • The Conclusion of Return to the Heart of God

A Better Way #57

  • Open Mind Meditation: The Practice of the Final Step

A Better Way #56

  • Invincible
  • The Hidden Power of IMIF Decisions
  • What Does It Mean to Be in the Present?
  • A Course in Cause and Not Effect
  • Resign Now as Your Own Teacher
  • Allen Watson Retiring

A Better Way #55

  • This Is a Course for Miracle Workers: Please Clock In
  • The Doorway to Reality
  • Thine Is the Kingdom

A Better Way #54

  • “Make This Year Different” How the Course Would Have Us Approach the New Year
  • Should We “Should” on Ourselves?
  • The Movie Projector Analogy Revisited

A Better Way #53

  • Shadows on the Wall — How Would the Course Have Us Regard Modern Physics?
  • How Does God’s Voice Speak To Me Through My Brothers?
  • How Did Sin Give the Body Eyes? Commentary on Paragraph 1 of “What is Sin?”
  • I Do Not Know

A Better Way #52

  • Does A Course in Miracles Commit the “Sins of Scripture”?
  • From Monkey Mind to the Mind of God
  • A New Way of Looking at Yourself
  • What Does the Course Mean by “Heart”?

A Better Way #51

  • Medicine for Those Pangs of Guilt
  • The Many-Faceted Diamond of A Course in Miracles
  • Confused About Level Confusion

A Better Way #50

  • Do You Believe in Miracles? The Holy Encounter between Ashley Smith and Brian Nichols
  • Special Issue: The Holy Encounter
  • Fejzic and His Cow
  • Your Name is Brother

A Better Way #49

  • Helen and Bill’s Joining: A Window onto the Heart of A Course in Miracles
  • How to Enter Paradise Today

A Better Way #48

  • Good King Wenceslas
  • An Untrained Person Can Accomplish Nothing
  • How to Deal with Payment in a Spiritual Ministry

A Better Way #47

  • The Earlier Versions and the Editing of A Course in Miracles

A Better Way #46

  • Practice-Oriented Spirituality: Unleashing the Power of Conscious Commitment
  • “Course-Sanctioned” Excuses to Not Practice the Lessons
  • What Does It Mean to Be a Teacher of God?
  • Living with Our Imperfections
  • And Now it Belongs to the World

A Better Way #45

  • Excerpt from Path of Light: Ten Characteristics of the Spiritually Advanced
  • Making Error Real
  • When Should You Take Your Morning Quiet Time?
  • Practice Tip: Early Evening Quiet Time
  • Extension is Energizing
  • The Holy Spirit Will Provide
  • Circle Workbook Practice

A Better Way #43

  • Traveling Lightly
  • “The Ego Does Want to Kill You” An Experience of the Murderer Within
  • What is a Holy Instant? Part II, Specific Examples and Characteristics
  • We Can Be Wrong

A Better Way #42

  • Above the Battleground: Applying the Course to the War in Iraq
  • Should There Be Course Churches?
  • A Simple Healing Prayer
  • Helping Others in the World Makes the Error Real: Does the Course Really Say This?
  • What is a Holy Instant? Part I
  • How Does A Course in Miracles Regard the Lord’s Prayer?
  • The Weird Disease

A Better Way #41

  • Beauty from My Christian Past
  • Walking with the Holy Spirit in Post-Workbook Practice
  • Loving God
  • When Your Back Is up against the Wall
  • “If You Do It, You Will See That It Works” An Experience of Universal Love