The Concept of Devotion: Summary of a Class Presentation

In the class yesterday, I said that from the Course’s point of view, it’s not that we are lacking in devotion. Rather, we were innately endowed with devotion of unimaginable power, and we exercise our devotion all the time. The problem is that we have misdirected it. We have poured our devotion into our ego. It is the god at whose altar we worship. This includes devotion to the body and to all those things of the world that are of the ego and of the body. We therefore need to redirect our devotion, so that we devote ourselves to true things, not false. In the concluding exercise I included devotion to the following categories:

Devoted to others

Devotion to a brother cannot set me back.
It can lead only to mutual progress.
Devotion to my ego brings me fatigue, devotion to my brothers fills me with inspiration.

Devoted to our function

Now I must choose freely to devote my heritage to the greater restoration.
From this day forth, my ministry will take on a genuine devotion.

Devoted to God and the Holy Spirit

I choose to kneel before the altar to God, not the altar to my ego.

Devoted to our path

I devote myself, with active willingness, to the denial of guilt in all its forms.
I devote myself to knowing God.

Devoted to everything real

Can I really devote myself to nothing?
God, in His devotion to me, created me devoted to everything,
and gave me what I am devoted to.

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