Not a Casual Encounter

Think of some casual encounter you had today, some interaction with someone that you didn’t think much about either before, during, or after. Get a picture of the encounter in your mind.

Now realize that this was not a casual encounter.
It was not a chance encounter.
The two of you were arranged to meet by the Holy Spirit.
He saw some readiness in the two of you,
a readiness for something holy to pass between you.
He saw this as a potential holy encounter.

Picture the meeting happening again and see yourself in the situation reminding yourself:
“As I see him (or her), I will see myself.
As I treat him, I will treat myself.
As I think of him, I will think of myself.
In him, right now, I will find myself or lose myself.
We are two Sons of God meeting and being given another chance at salvation.”
Tell yourself:

“Even at the level of this casual encounter,
it is possible for us to lose sight of separate interests, if only for a moment.
That moment will be enough for salvation to come.”

Now realize that Jesus is there with you
silently standing for the choice that will reveal your Self to you,
silently whispering, “My brother, choose again.”

How does this make you feel about the encounter?
How does it make you feel about the other person?
Do you see the person any differently than you did the first time around?
Watch yourself in your mind’s eye.
Do you behave any differently than you did the first time?
What do you say? What do you do?
How does the other person respond?
Does it feel like salvation has come?