The Circle of Atonement: A Visualization

“The Circle of Atonement” (T-14.V) contains a beautiful image of coming into a circle inside which everyone is joined in the experience of God’s Love. In one of our recent Text classes here in Sedona, we did the following visualization based on the image in that section.

See yourself in an area illuminated by a vast circle of light from above….
Within this circle you see the great teachers of God:
Buddha, St. Francis, Gandhi, Lao Tzu, Mother Teresa, and hundreds of others.
At the very center of the circle stands Jesus.
You might see everyone, yourself included, as wearing robes of holiness….
There is no sense of difference among these many teachers.
In the light from above each one is literally shining with purity.
And everyone sees each other as totally pure–guiltless.
Everyone loves each other with a pure, unrestrained brotherly love.
The light from above is the power and love of God.
It is as if God is smiling on everyone as one, and this light is the warmth of His smile.
In short, it is the experience of perfect community, perfect brotherhood, in which all are united in the Love of God.
Being there is the most wonderful feeling you could imagine.
Yet you have this hidden doubt: Do I really belong in this place? Am I pure enough?

You are standing towards the edge of the circle.
And now you peer just beyond it, into the darkness outside its boundaries.
There you see the dim figure of someone you have been resenting lately….
As you look closer you realize that he is nailed to a cross.
He has been crucified by his own guilt and by your condemnation.
You see how miserable he is, left outside the circle to suffer guilt alone.
You also realize that you are now outside the circle.
Your resentment toward him has made you feel unworthy to be in it.
Your robes of holiness are gone now and you are in your old attire.

So remind yourself, “My only calling here is to devote myself, with active willingness, to the denial of guilt in all its forms” (T-14.V.3:5).
“My only purpose is release from guilt, to the eternal glory of God and His creation.” (see T-14.V.6:4)
Say to this person, “You are God’s Son,
And God’s Son is guiltless.
Come into the circle, where you belong.”

Walk up and pull the nails out of his hands and feet.
Help him down off the cross.
Lift the crown of thorns from his head.
Take him by the hand and lead him into the holy circle.

And as you and he stand together in the circle, on holy ground,
Both of you clad in the robes of holiness.
All who are there silently bow their heads and join hands
In honor of this new member,
And in honor of you who fulfilled your holy function and brought him in.
As you stand there, hands joined with your friend and with the entire community of the teachers of God, you realize at last that you do belong here,
That this is your home
Where you will be for all eternity.


[Please note: ACIM passages quoted in this article reference the Foundation for Inner Peace (FIP) Edition.]