Where has sin left?

A Visualization Based on Text, Chapter 26, Section IV

Think of a relationship in which the two of you are separated by mutual condemnation, bitterness and blame.

See the space between you filled with a dark cloud of sin, blocking each other from clear sight.

Now repeat this line to yourself as a prayer of forgiveness and reconciliation:

“Let our grievances be replaced by miracles, [name].”

Say it over and over, and as you do, picture it actually happening; the grievances on both sides are replaced by miracles.

The cloud of sin between you evaporates. The air between you clears up.

You and this person are filled with a sense of being one, “for nothing stands between to push the other off” (2:5). And now the two of you “join as one, in gladness recognizing what is part of [you] has not been kept apart and separate” (2:6).

As you join, the place around you begins to transform.

The ground on which you stand becomes holy ground.

The sun comes out, you see the flowers shine in light,

and hear the birds sing a love song to God.

In front of the two of you arises an altar to the Holy One,

shining with purity and sparkling with the lilies of forgiveness that you gave each other.

The world of sin has been transformed into a world of glory, wonderful to see.

Spend a moment taking this in and realizing that all this came from your forgiveness.

Then the two of you look up and see countless radiant lights from Heaven coming to this altar as if completing a pilgrimage.

They gather round it and hover above it.

They begin to sing a song of love to God, a song of indescribable sweetness and power,

of beauty beyond what you could have imagined.

Without thinking, you and your brother are drawn to join in this song.

You find you actually can harmonize with this song,

that you fit into it, that you belong in this song.

Indeed, with your voice, the song becomes somehow even more sweet and powerful.

Now that you have added your voice, literally every voice in the universe joins in,

and the song soars into an incomprehensible magnitude.

The altar begins to rise higher and higher, and as it does, you go with it.

The lights of Heaven are taking you with them.

You are now part of them.

And you and they continue to rise as one, past the world, past the stars,

until you touch and enter the formless Heart of God Himself,

the One to Whom you have all been singing.

There you remain, to join your voice to the endless, timeless, boundless chorus to the Love of God, forever and ever.

This is what your forgiveness of your brother offers you.


[Please note: ACIM passages quoted in this article reference the Foundation for Inner Peace (FIP) Edition.]