96: How to Heal Others

When you first pick up A Course in Miracles, you may think, “Oh, this book is supposed to teach me how to do miracles,” and probably assume that means miracles of healing. Students and teachers quickly disabuse you of such notions, but what if your initial thoughts were right? The fact is that extending healing to others is a major focus in the pages of the Course. It is discussed in many sections in the Text and the Manual for Teachers and is the focus of a chapter in The Song of Prayer supplement. All this emphasis makes sense, given the great need that people have to receive healing and the deep need that many of us have to give it. In this podcast, Robert and Emily discuss the place of healing in the Course, the role of medicine, how exactly to give healing, the unhealed healer, and more.

How the Healer Heals Diagram
Walking the Path Diagram



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