Robert’s Teacher Class

This class covers topics relevant to those teaching the Course. For the time being, we are specifically devoting our classes to the pre-training for the 2016 Teacher of Pupils Training. Therefore, these classes are on topics relevant to that training. However, all teacher members of the CCC are welcome to attend these classes and encouraged to do so. Their subject matter will usually be of interest to all who want to teach the Course, not just to those who want to be teachers of pupils. So if you are a teacher member but not involved in that training, please join us. Be aware, though, that the discussion forum associated with the classes is only for those who are part of the pre-training. Once the pre-training is over, we will create a new forum for the teacher classes.

Robert Perry is the founder of the Circle of Atonement. He is internationally known for his work with the modern spiritual classic, A Course in Miracles. He began teaching in 1986 at Miracle Distribution Center in California. One of the Course's most respected teachers, Perry has authored or co-authored over twenty books and booklets on the Course, as well as hundreds of articles, and has lectured throughout the U.S. and internationally.