The Voice for Love

By Ritu Jalali

After a lifetime of receiving guidance from an inner voice when I needed help, I was still unprepared for the gift of God’s presence. The experience took me by surprise and filled me with awe.

It happened a few years ago during my daily meditation. I suddenly felt as if I was lifted up and engulfed in a very bright-shining but not hot light. I was surrounded by this light. The light was in me and embracing me. I was very lovingly held by a divine-looking woman who said she was my mother. There were no words coming from her, but her thoughts reached me. She told me she loved me, cherished me, and was very proud of me. She expressed a love I have never felt before, not even for my own child.

As I experienced all of this, I felt myself splitting up into tiny particles and just melting into the light. There was a kind of electrical charge flowing through my body, and I felt myself expanding and expanding. It was as if I was suddenly this Divine being. There was no me or her. We were one. At the same time, I was very alert and aware. During this experience, the electrical charge just got stronger and stronger.

Later I told my husband that I felt I could charge the whole city with the current flowing through me. I felt immense love, love for myself and everyone because everyone was me. Pure joy flowed throughout. Love emanated everywhere but not like the love we experience in this realm. There was peace and the knowledge we are at home safe and protected. The intensity of all these feelings was beyond anything orgasmic, beyond bliss. Even now, as I write this, there are no words to describe an overwhelming sense of peace, love, and safety. When the experience ended, I remember dancing and crying for a couple of hours from the sheer joy and ecstasy of it.

I have been a spiritual seeker all my life, first growing up in India and then much later in Dubai. My husband introduced me to spiritual books like Siddartha (Herman Hesse), Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda, and authors: Paul Brunton, Swami Rama, and Brian Weiss. After reading these books, I wanted to find my path. I practiced Ho’oponopono. I learned Reiki and became a Reiki master. I practiced tarot. All these helped to shape my inner journey and also increased my inner quest. Then I heard Wayne Dyer talk about a book called A Course in Miracles. It intrigued me quite a bit. I tried to find a copy of this book, but it was not available at the bookstore in Dubai.

After my incredible experience of Divine presence, I heard the same voice I heard when I was growing up. It was an inner voice, not my own. I have always trusted the wisdom of this guiding voice. And now the voice was telling me to go to the bookstore in Jumeirah and ask for a copy of A Course in Miracles. I argued with the voice and said I had been to that bookstore many times, and the book was not there. The voice was firm and insisted I go there. So I went, and much to my surprise, the book was there in a cupboard behind the counter.

When I started reading the book, it was like I had finally come home. From all my past experiences, the concepts in the book were very familiar. I never questioned its authenticity. It was as if all my life I was moving towards it. The message of forgiveness deeply resonated in my mind. The fact that it talks about the world being an illusion validated the voice since I had always felt the world wasn’t real. I finally found my purpose after searching for such a long time. Here I am, Lord – here I am where I truly belong with God at home. I never left Him. And now I know my brother, Jesus, was the guiding voice, always there with me ever since I was a child holding my hand and leading me to that day in Jumeirah to buy the book.            ____________________________________________________________

No darkness can abide anywhere in the Kingdom, but your part is only to allow no darkness to abide in your own mind. This alignment with light is unlimited, because it is in alignment with the light of the world. Each of us is the light of the world, and by joining our minds in this light, we proclaim the Kingdom of God together and as one.

(CE) T-6.III.9:5-7