Call for Stories

Welcome storytellers! We look forward to receiving your stories. Don’t worry that you are perhaps not a professional writer. Here are some guidelines for telling a good story:  Use simple language, try to have a compelling beginning to make the reader want to hear more, write the way you would speak these words to anyone, and tell the story from your heart. That’s it! But if writing brings a feeling like stage fright, we are friendly, supportive, experienced editors. Just do the best you can to describe your experience and we will work to make your story shine.  Below you will find information about the kind of stories we are looking for, submission guidelines and a story release.

About the Story Project 

We are undertaking a new project at the Circle of Atonement to collect and publish real-life stories that exemplify the principles of A Course in Miracles – stories of spiritual experiences, guidance, healing, giving and receiving, holy instants, and inner shifts and more.

We invite you to write up your own stories of experiences you have had that demonstrate Course principles. We would like to share them with others to spread spiritual inspiration and insight in order to give readers the sense that the Course works and its promises are true.

The stories can be short or long, somewhere in the range from 300 words to 6000 words. We are not looking for essays, fiction or fantasy but your actual experiences. You can submit as many stories as your like. You can remain anonymous, use your real name or just initials. We are not offering to pay for stories and trust the giving and receiving of positive thoughts in the world will be payment enough for all who share stories.

Click here to review our submission guidelines  and to sign and return a story release. Upon signing the release you will be prompted on how to submit your story. We will notify you if your story is selected by our story project team for publication online.

You are the light of the world. Thanks for joining us in the exciting project.


Sue Pearson 
Story Project Leader
Circle of Atonement