2015 Text Study Program

The Text is the foundation of A Course in Miracles. Doing the Course is simply a process of learning and internalizing its thought system, and the Text is where that thought system is laid out. It is an unparalleled spiritual tour de force. Careful study of it will change your outlook in ways that perhaps nothing else can.

In the 2015 Text Study Program, we read five Text sections during the week, with the aid of other Circle study tools such as the Text Reading Program and the Illuminated Text series. Then, we have a live online class once a week. In this class, led by a team of teachers from the Circle Course Community, we review each of the five sections studied that week, discuss them together, ask and answer questions, puzzle out difficult passages, and – most importantly – have multiple opportunities to apply what we’re reading to our daily lives. Afterward, we continue the discussion in an online forum.

This program offers you the opportunity to study the Text, benefit from the insights of skilled teachers, join with your fellow students, and apply what you’re learning to your own life as never before. We hope it will help you get the most out of the bottomless treasure trove that is the Text of A Course in Miracles.