Our Vision


Here at the Circle, we have realized that if we are going to truly help the Course grow into all it’s meant to be, we will need to be a well-organized non-profit capable of serving many thousands of students from around the globe. To determine how we can best achieve this goal, as well as how to measure our efforts along the way, the Circle’s Board of Directors recently completed a year-long visioning process.

Below you will find the result of this process as well as an archive of the Circle’s visioning work from previous years. If you feel called to join us and help the Course become one of the world’s great spiritual traditions, at the bottom of this page we offer a number of ways in which to get involved.

Vision Documents

Founder’s Letter
Our Purpose and Values
Our Five Focus Areas

State of the Circle
Every February, our goal is to: (1) provide a detailed overview of what we’ve achieved in the previous year, and (2) present a plan and budget for the year ahead. To learn more about our mission and how we’re pursuing it, we invite you explore our annual report documents below.

2022 Annual Report

2021 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report
Watch the State of the Circle 2020 below.

Vision Articles

The following is a collection of articles that Circle founder Robert Perry has written about the Circle’s vision over the years.

The Circle’s Approach to A Course in Miracles (2020)
By Robert Perry
“The foundation for everything we do at the Circle is a particular approach to A Course in Miracles, one that has developed over time and is indeed still developing.”

Anchoring a Tradition (2008)
By Robert Perry
“I have felt for many years that there is one hope for the Course to accomplish the purpose for which it came. It needs to be wrapped in an ongoing tradition…whose sole purpose is to help people do the Course the way its author laid it out.”

How Can A Course in Miracles Accomplish Its Purpose? (1997)
By Robert Perry
“We at the Circle of Atonement feel that the time has come to let our readers know more about our vision, and to invite those who feel a connection with that vision into a fuller relationship with us.”


If you feel moved to support our mission, we invite you to join us by becoming a member of Course Companions, volunteering, making a contribution, or simply praying for the success of our work.

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