Lesson 111 • April 21


Lesson 111

Review 3

Practice Instructions

See Practice Instructions Review 3


I am willing today to open my mind to the light. I am eager to emerge from my darkness, and I will not fear what the light will expose. Nothing I have been hiding can hurt me. I am hungry for the truth. Within me is only innocence, and not what I have feared was there. Within me, in the light, is what I have been longing all my life to find. I am a miracle.

The light of God is my strength. I feel unable to rise up to this high calling, but my weakness is the darkness His light dispels. I do not need to be strong to come to the light; the light gives me strength as I approach it. I feel I lack the strength to see with the purity of vision called for by the Course, but God gives me the strength I need, and in His light, I see. Thank You, Father, for the light You shine into my mind today. Thank You for the light right now, in this moment.