Lesson 112 • April 22


Lesson 112

Review 3

Practice Instructions

See Practice Instructions Review 3


I am the home of light. My native being is inherently compatible with light. Light belongs with me and in me. I am not the home of darkness. By nature, when unhindered by illusion, I radiate light to everything around me.

I am the home of joy. Sorrow and sadness are unnatural to me. When joy enters my mind it feels as if it belongs there. There is nothing in me that is inconsistent with pure joy. There is nothing in me that inhibits an atmosphere of constant joy. By nature, joy emanates from my being and stays with me. I am comfortable with joy, and joy is comfortable with me.

I am the home of peace. I am where peace belongs. Peace is native to my mind. Peace is my natural state of mind, when it is set upon the truth. Nothing in me is discordant with a steady state of peace. Peace harmonizes with my being. My natural radiance spreads peace to every mind around me.

This is how God created me. This is how I am, and will be forever. I am as changeless as God Himself, one with Him, and He with me. Nothing I have ever done or said or thought has changed this truth about me. What I am cannot change; what I am is eternal and consistent in its being.

Today, recognizing the truth about myself, I welcome the light. I welcome pure joy. I welcome God’s peace. And I share them with the world.