Lesson 115 • April 25


Lesson 115

Review 3

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My job is to forgive the world for all of my mistakes (1:2). Unless I have some idea of the Text’s teaching about projection I won’t have a clue as to what this means. Every “sin” I see out there in the world (even things like terrorist bombings) is, in some way, a projection of a judgment I have made on myself. My reluctance to forgive anything, or to see it as a call for love which merits a response of healing love, is a reflection of the degree to which I haven’t forgiven myself. The form I perceive “out there” may be shifted, altered, and transmogrified from my own form of “sin” so that I don’t recognize it. In fact, so far as the ego is concerned, the more unrecognizable the better. But the content is always the same. I may not blow up children, but if I judge those who do as unforgivable I am harboring a belief in vengeance that I haven’t forgiven in myself, and my judgment of the bombers is my judgment of myself.

Therefore, when I release the world from guilt I have released myself.

My only function is to forgive. Not to be a success in the world, not to change anything, just to forgive. It’s only when I accept this that I come to real inner peace.

My doing this—my part in forgiveness—is essential to the whole process. For the world to find its complete guiltlessness I must stop laying guilt on it. There are people around me today who need guilt lifted from their shoulders, and doing that is why I meet them. It may look like I’m doing business, buying and selling, teaching, mending broken bones, or programming computers, but the real reason I am here is to save the world, to forgive, and to release from guilt.