Lesson 120 • April 30


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Lesson 120

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Every now and then I’m glad my old high school English teacher taught me to diagram sentences. I find myself doing things like noticing the main phrases in a sentence like this: “I rest in God today, and let Him work…while I rest…” (1:2). For me, today, what this says is just to relax and trust the process. Just to “let go and let God,” as the saying goes. Sunday is traditionally a “day of rest” in the Christian tradition, and for most of us, a day in which it is convenient (more than other days) to practice resting. Periodically it is beneficial to take one day, and consciously make it a day of rest for yourself. That doesn’t mean you might not do something productive, but if you do, it will be because it is something you enjoy doing, something you want to do.

Today I want to remember peace.

Sometimes I get so worried I won’t make it. I pick at the scabs of my healing mind, wondering when they will heal completely. I fuss and wonder what else I can be doing to make the healing happen faster. Fussing just makes it worse. Fussing is what I am being healed from. So let me rest today. Ahhh!

As I rest, my Father tells me Who I really am. “The memory of God comes to the quiet mind” (T-23.II.1:1). When I allow myself to settle back in spirit, I find a firm foundation, the bedrock of my Self, as God created me. I’m okay. The turmoil I am so concerned about is nothing but “sick illusions of myself” (2:3). What I am is just fine, and I don’t have to protect It. I am home.