Lesson 137 • May 17


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Lesson 137

As I am healed I am not healed alone.

Practice Instructions

Purpose: To let your mind be healed, that you may send healing to the world, aware that you and the world are healed as one.

Longer: Two—morning and evening, for ten minutes.

  • Say, “As I am healed I am not healed alone. And I would share my healing with the world, that sickness may be banished from the mind of God’s one Son, Who is my only Self.”
  • Then rest in stillness. And as you rest, let the Word of God come in to heal your insane thoughts, so that this healing can go forth from you to the world. Once the healing comes into your mind, you may try to muster a general feeling of giving it out to everyone, or you may pick particular people to send it to. You may even feel that certain individuals are being placed in your mind to send healing to, perhaps even total strangers.

Remarks: This exercise will prepare you for the hourly practice.

Shorter: Every hour on the hour, for one minute.

Remember your purpose today by repeating, “As I am healed I am not healed alone. And I would bless my brothers, for I would be healed with them, as they are healed with me.”

Remarks: Is it not worth a minute to receive the gift of everything?


Although this lesson has a great deal to say about healing in general, its primary message is that healing, which is our function in the world, is essentially a phenomenon that is shared, and that to heal is to share. Healing restores oneness. “Those who are healed become the instruments of healing” (11:1).

“Sickness is a retreat from others and a shutting off of joining” (1:3). It is isolation (2:1). Healing reverses that; it is a move toward others, a joining, and a union. The healing being spoken of in this lesson is a healing of the mind, and not necessarily of the body. “Our function is to let our minds be healed, that we may carry healing to the world, exchanging…separation for the peace of God” (13:1).

Whatever the state of my body, it cannot interfere with this function. My body cannot restrain or limit my mind. “Minds which were walled off within a body [become] free to join with other minds, to be forever strong” (8:6). My task today, and every day, is to allow my mind to be healed, and to allow healing to flow through my mind to other minds, carrying healing to the world. That can occur whatever state my body is in. I do not normally realize how powerful my mind is, and how extensive the effects of its healing can be. “And as you let yourself be healed, you see all those around you, or who cross your mind, or whom you touch, or those who seem to have no contact with you, healed along with you” (10:2).

As I open my mind to healing today, I realize that whatever the state of my body, “what is opposed to God does not exist” (11:3). When I refuse to accept sickness as my reality, my mind “becomes a haven where the weary can remain to rest” (11:3). Sickness is just a special case of “I am my body.” So what we are called on to do is not just to refuse the limitations of sickness, but to refuse the limits of the body altogether. Today, I choose to let “thoughts of healing…go forth from what is healed to what must yet be healed” (12:5). I set aside some time, ten minutes in the morning and evening, and a minute every hour, to give my mind over to its function of sharing healing thoughts with the world. “Reach out to all your brothers and touch them with the touch of Christ” (T-13.VI.8:2).

Today, I want to let healing be through me (15:1). I want to be a channel, a channel of blessing to the world. What other purpose could bring me such joy?