Lesson 171 • June 20


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Lesson 171

Review 5: God is but love, and therefore so am I.

Practice Instructions

See Practice Instructions Review 5


Review introduction:

The introduction to our review opens with a powerful appeal to us to take our practicing seriously, to “give more effort and more time to what we undertake” (1:2). Once again, as in Review 4, we are reminded that this series of lessons is meant to help us in “preparing for another phase of understanding” (1:3). Review 4 made it clear that this is a reference to the second part of the Workbook: “This time…we are preparing for the second part of learning how the truth can be applied” (W-Re.4.In.1:1). The realization that we are preparing for something more, a shift into another phase, is meant to motivate our efforts so that we “take this step completely, that we may go on again more certain, more sincere, with faith upheld more surely” (1:4). One gets the sense that the effectiveness of the second half of the Workbook depends, in large measure, on how much time and effort we are willing to put into our practicing right now.

I remember the first few times I did the Workbook, I always felt the second half was a bust. Anticlimactic. I also remember that I made no serious effort to follow the practice instructions; I just read the lesson every morning. I am absolutely certain that there is a direct connection between those two facts: my feeble practice, and my sense of anticlimax.

The Workbook recognizes that we have been wavering, and that we have had doubts that caused us to be less than diligent in practicing. It does not berate us over this, but it does make clear that if we want the results, we have to follow the program. The reward will be “a greater certainty, a firmer purpose, and a surer goal” (1:6).

Paragraph 2 and 3 of the review introduction:

The prayer in paragraphs two and three would be, in my opinion, a good one to use every day during this review. It needs no comment; the meaning of every line is quite clear. It is a prayer for diligence in practicing. It is an affirmation of faith that, even if we forget, stumble, or wander off, God will remember for us, raise us up, and call us back.

Today’s two thoughts connect easily to the theme idea. If God is only Love, and I am also only love, then everything echoes His Voice. Everything is nothing but an aspect of Him. The decision I face, today and every day, is whether or not to accept this fact. Will I live today as an expression of the Love of God, or will I choose to attempt what must be impossible: to be something else?