Lesson 216 • August 4


Lesson 216

Review 6: I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.

Review of:
(196) “It can be but myself I crucify.”

Practice Instructions

See Practice Instructions Review 6


The heart of the little summary today is the first sentence: “All that I do, I do unto myself” (1:2). If we applied that one idea consistently, what a transformation there would be in our part of the world!

My own little personal list (you can make your own):

  • How do I greet people on the telephone?
  • How do I respond to interruptions?
  • How do I regard people serving me in stores and restaurants?
  • How do I react to snippets of talk I hear on the evening news?
  • How do I treat poor or homeless people I encounter?
  • How do I think about the very rich?
  • How do I think about other drivers?
  • What do I say to others about my friends when they are not present?

“All that I do, I do unto myself.” Is it any wonder I feel mistreated and misunderstood? All of these “little” examples are expressions of the ego’s desire to crucify the Son of God. Each of them betrays the way I am treating myself, when I listen to my ego. This explains that wonderful saying in the Manual, “The teacher of God is generous out of self-interest” (M-4.VII.2:1).