Lesson 84 • March 25


Lesson 84

Review 2

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If I am created in the likeness of my Creator, then “I cannot suffer, I cannot die, and I can experience no loss. I am not a body” (1:3-4). That just makes sense. God cannot suffer, experience loss or die, and He is not a body. He created me like Himself (1:8); therefore these things must be true of me. My reality is completely unlike what I believe about myself, for assuredly I have believed that I can suffer, experience loss and die, and I have identified almost entirely with my body.

What is it that makes and reinforces this illusion about myself? Grievances. “Love holds no grievances” (3:1). I am love, in the likeness of Love which created me, but when I choose to hold a grievance I am denying my own reality, I am affirming I am not love, because “grievances are completely alien to love” (3:2). In so doing, I am reaffirming that I am what I think I have made of myself, and I am choosing, without conscious awareness, to suffer, lose, and die. The only way I can rediscover my own reality is to stop holding grievances. A grievance is an attack on my Self (3:6; 4:4). It affirms that I am something I am not.

If I see ugliness, unloveliness or evil in my brothers I am attacking myself. Deny what they are and I am denying what I am. Today I choose to see others as I would see myself, and as I would have God see me. I have the power to make this choice. I see what I desire to see, and today I desire to see my Self, in myself and in everyone.