Lesson 89 • March 30


Lesson 89

Review 2

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“Because I am under no laws but God’s” (the laws of love and of extension, sharing, and giving), “I am entitled to miracles” (1:1). Giving of miracles is what God does, in accordance with His laws. The laws of grievances tell me I am not entitled to miracles. Every grievance I hold on to against a brother or sister is really my own mind telling me I do not deserve miracles; the very act of mental attack involved in holding a grievance makes me feel unworthy of them. Every grievance is hiding a miracle, and by letting the grievance go I release the miracle to happen.

There is a reason why God gives me miracles: He gives them so that I can fulfill the function He has given me (1:5), to continue His extension, to allow Him to love through me. The Course is emphatic on the fact that only in finding my true function as God’s extension and fulfilling it can I be happy. My goal isn’t being blissed out; it is to receive so that I can give, to accept love so I can share love with others. Like a light bulb that receives electric current only so that it can shine forth with light, I receive the miracles of God to extend them to others.

“I unite my will with the Holy Spirit’s” (3:2) today; I declare, “Let miracles replace all grievances” (3:1). I want all of my illusions to be replaced with truth. I want my grievances to be banished forever from my mind and replaced with miracles. As I sit quietly this morning I call people I know to mind and tell them, “Let our grievances be replaced by miracles” (4:3). I think of war-torn spots on the globe and say, “Let our grievances be replaced by miracles.” Today, I want to offer miracles to each one I meet. I want to be a channel of miracles; let me not block them with my grievances, Father.

When something arises in my perception that seems like a cause for grievance or grief, let me remember: “Behind this is a miracle to which I am entitled” (2:2). Let me tell myself: “Seen truly, this offers me a miracle” (2:4). Everything is miracle fodder; nothing is without use in this classroom of miracles.