Practice Instructions Final Lessons


Purpose: To place your practice and your life in the hands of the Holy Spirit, so that from here on, He becomes for you what the book has been. He becomes the Guide for your practice and for your entire walk through life. From now on, you follow in His way, and lead your brothers along that same way. The keynote of this way is extending forgiveness to others and thereby learning that you are forgiven.

Morning/evening quiet time: As long as you need for the effect you want.

Repeat the words of the lesson at the beginning. As you do, realize that these words are an acknowledgment that you have not understood (W-FL.In.6:1), that your belief in a sinful world has been mistaken (W-FL.In.1:5). So now you come before God’s Voice with empty hands and ask to be shown, to be taught how to love (W-FL.In.6:1).

The words

The meaning

This holy instant would I give to You. I set my past beliefs aside and give this practice period to You, so that it may become a holy instant.
Be You in charge. I set my thoughts and words aside and place You in full charge of this practice period.
For I would follow You, certain that Your direction brings me peace. I do this because then You can come in and lead me along Your way, Your way of love. And only on that way will I find peace.

After repeating the words, enter into Open Mind Meditation. Simply open your mind to the presence of the Holy Spirit, and hold that openness without the aid of words. For this purpose, I find it helpful to imagine that your mind is His holy temple. Normally, it is your bedroom, to fill with clutter as you please. But during this practice period, it is His temple, to be filled only with His presence. He is in charge. This means that you leave the shoes of your thoughts and words at the door. Whenever you forget and bring your dirty shoes into His temple, repeat “Be You in charge.” Aside from those times, hold the awareness that your mind is His temple wordlessly. Be filled with confidence that He will hear and will come into this holy place.

When He comes, He may give you a word to repeat. He may give you a thought to dwell on. He may speak to you. You may hear God’s Voice tell you, “You are My Son, and all I have is yours” (see W-FL.In.6:3). Or He may simply grant you “stillness and a tranquil, open mind” (W-361-365.1:3). However He shows up, He has come to lead you into a life based on following Him along His pathway of forgiveness.

Hourly remembrance: One or two minutes as the hour strikes (reduce if circumstances do not permit).

Do a miniature version of the morning practice. Repeat the idea as an invitation to the Holy Spirit, and then wait in wordless silence for Him to come to you.

Frequent reminder: As often as possible within each hour.

“Repeat [the idea], then allow your mind to rest a little time in silence and in peace” (W-Re.3.In.10:6).

Response to temptation: Whenever you feel upset.

Repeat the idea as a way of calling on the Holy Spirit to dispel your upset.