Workbook Practice Program (2015)

Course students often find it challenging to do the Workbook practices on their own, and especially to do them as faithfully as they are set out. In order to provide students with support, instruction, and structure, as well as companionship in their practice, The Circle of Atonement is pleased to offer a yearlong Workbook Practice Program in 2015. The weekly classes will be taught by Mary Anne Buchowski, longtime Circle teacher and founder of Course Oasis, the Circle’s satellite in Ottawa, Canada, where she has taught this program for several years. The classes will reflect the Circle’s approach, which is that the Course really means it when it imparts its teachings and gives us its practice instructions.

You will notice that this is called the Workbook Practice Program. Its purpose and main focus is quite simply to help you do the Workbook, which means do the practice, thereby experiencing the shifts in perception we are all seeking. The Workbook’s one-year mind training program is a central part of the path of the Course. As its Introduction says, “An untrained mind can accomplish nothing. It is the purpose of this workbook to train your mind to think along the lines the text sets forth” (W-In.1:3-4).

This program will provide you with the opportunity to join with others as you journey through the Workbook, develop the habits of spiritual practice, and experience the benefits that it offers: “Your practice periods offer everything to you” (W-pI.rIII.In.5:5; original dictation).

Mary Anne Buchowski is a long-time Circle teacher who has been associated with the Circle from its beginnings. She spent several years working for the Circle in Sedona, being trained as a teacher by Robert and teaching the daily Workbook class and several personal pupils. In 2004, she returned home to Ottawa, Canada and, with her husband James Gregory, founded Course Oasis, the Circle’s first satellite organization (www.courseoasis.org). Mary Anne works and teaches for the Circle and Course Oasis from her base in Ottawa.