Workbook Practice Support Group

The Workbook’s mind-training program is an essential aspect of the path of the Course, one that promises extraordinary benefits. Those benefits depend on completing the practice as instructed, something Course students may find challenging without support and direction. This group is meant to offer that support, drawing on Circle resources as well as our own study, training, and experiences to help clarify the specific elements of Workbook practice.

Offered by Ken Froessel & co-hosted by Amy Speach

Ken Froessel has been a Course student since 1986 and is a founding member of the CCC. He is a 2013 graduate of the Circle’s Teacher of Pupils Training Program and is one of the teachers in the 2015 Text Study Class. In the years from 2012-13 he joined with other teachers to teach a daily morning Workbook class. He brings his many years of Course Workbook practice and experience to support those who wish to deepen with their daily walk with the Workbook.

Amy Speach is a founding member of the CCC and a 2013 graduate of the Circle’s Teacher of Pupils Training Program. In the CCC, she hosts the Special Function Discovery Group and co hosts the Course-Based Psychotherapy and Course-Based Healing groups. She is devoted to Workbook practice and is happy to have this opportunity to support and inspire others in claiming its rewards.