My Experience with Frequent Reminders

The frequent repetitions in the Workbook have been nothing short of a godsend for me. I had been with the Course for about eight years before I finally got it into my head that I was supposed to be repeating the idea really frequently throughout the day, and that this was important. Then I spent another four years trying to do this without a great deal of success. Finally, I spent two years of carrying a counter around on my belt and clicking off all my frequent reminders, along with my other practice periods. That was when I really began to feel the benefits of the simple act of repeating the idea.

What I found is that just a few seconds of repeating the idea could take my mind to a place where the events of the day would never take it. Those events were constantly giving me messages, but the messages were extremely terrestrial. They weren’t uplifting. They were just about stuff, just about us little creatures scurrying around and storing up for the winter. Those messages just dragged me down into the busy traffic of all the scurrying. The messages that I practiced in my frequent reminders, however, lifted me mind into a pristine realm where everything was safe and perfect and wonderful, a realm that really meant something. Even seconds of repeating these messages could lift me above all that anxious, depressing traffic I was stuck in.

I found that if I repeated the idea frequently enough-several times an hour and maybe more-and mindfully enough, I could to some degree stay up there. Maybe I wasn’t all the way up there. Maybe my feet still knocked against the tops of the cars in the traffic jam. But it felt a lot better than being right down on the pavement. I found that these were my very best days, days when things on the outside weren’t any different than other days, but when staying with my lesson had lifted my mind to a brighter place.

In spite of that, I must say that I am generally spotty with my frequent repetitions. Some days I stay with the idea very consistently and some days I lose touch with it. But the days I stay with it are more memorable. It’s like there is a slight glow in the air. I love those days. They stay in my mind as blessed days.

Lately, I have been getting an enormous amount of mileage out of the article I wrote in August’s A Better Way about repeating the words of the Course. There I compiled a list of nearly twenty ways in which the Workbook asks us to repeat the ideas. I’ve got that list printed out on a laminated sheet that I keep near me, and I use different things on the list throughout the day. It is quite amazing how much more powerful repeating the idea can be when I apply the things on that list. They are the same words, but the light they turn on in my mind is so much brighter when I apply those techniques. I am really hoping to turn those techniques into habit for me. I feel that doing so could be a genuine turning point in my life.