God IS in everything I see!

[Please note: ACIM passages quoted in this article reference the Foundation for Inner Peace (FIP) Edition.]

For several years (except for when I’m teaching the year-long Workbook Practice Program) I have been doing post-Workbook practice. This year I am primarily choosing a lesson from the Text sections of the week, but today I decided to revert to a favourite approach. Years ago, James prepared for me 365 little cards, each marked with a number from one to 365. I keep them in a basket and when I come to choosing a lesson, I do a form of “scriptural divination”; that is, I ask the Holy Spirit to direct me to the exact lesson I need for the day and then I let my fingers be guided to the matching card.

In my earlier days with post-Workbook practice, whenever I drew a low-numbered card, I would tend to be a bit put off; after all wasn’t I beyond those early lessons?! However, experience taught me that I wasn’t, so this morning when I drew Lesson 30 (“God is in everything because God is in my mind”), I smiled, trusting that the Holy Spirit knew what He was doing, and looking forward to what the lesson had in store for me.

The lesson starts out by saying,

The idea for today is the springboard for vision. From this idea will the world open up before you, and you will look upon it and see in it what you have never seen before. Nor will what you saw before be even faintly visible to you.

This evening, one of the sections we’ll be covering in our Text class is, “The Attainment of the Real World” (T-13.VII), so this seemed like a great lesson to practice in preparation for that. In addition, I have been dealing with some people and issues, which I have found challenging, so I welcomed the opportunity to practice this lesson. The lesson says that, in practicing, we are trying to “join with what we see, rather than keeping it apart from us,” and I saw that I sure needed to do that. My “guiltless now” experience heightened for me how much I want to see myself as innocent and loving, and this lesson says that we are “trying to see in the world… what we want to recognize is there [in our minds]”; that is, innocence and love. So, there was added motivation to think only loving thoughts and see only with loving eyes.

I had hardly begun my practice, when I “got” the lesson. Here’s another lesson that I had understood on an intellectual level, but this time I got it on a “felt” level. I saw that there is this huge mind, God’s, and I am in it; therefore, it is obvious that whatever is in His Mind is in mine as well; that indeed, He is in my mind. Since God is love, it’s love that is in my mind, so how could I possibly see anything except with God’s love? As I looked around the room, and as I thought of those people I have been seeing with eyes other than love’s, I actually felt that I was seeing them only with love. As I continued to apply the lesson specifically to people, I felt a great warmth in my heart and a smile lightened my face. “God is in you, ___________, because God is in my mind…. Love is in you, ___________, because love is in my mind.” Using this “love” form seemed to make the idea more relevant for me. The practice even transformed the way I saw one particular person, whom I had perceived as having said cruel things. And, I was able to dismiss what he had said and the manner in which he had said it. It just vanished!

I have been practicing the lesson all through the day, and it has even worked with the pigeons that are constantly invading the bird feeders in the back yard! Given the attack thoughts I have been harbouring toward those pigeons, this is one powerful lesson! The experience I had with it was confirmation that, even though I am seasoned Course student, I still have something to learn from those early lessons.