“Love to the millionth power”

I watched this video yesterday of a woman named Patricia Grabow sharing about her near-death experience. Here’s the link:


It’s less than four minutes long, but it has really stayed with me. She is so very genuine, her description of the love she experienced is so obviously sincere and powerful, and the effect that it’s had on her is so incredible yet completely logical. Here is what she says in the notes beneath the video:

“There is no separate self, no ego, no world, no struggle, no breath, nothing but the feelings ached for in a lifetime. The light is not a visual light outside, but Love, permeating everything to the point where whatever I was on earth no longer exists and may never have. Were I on the earth, I would be sobbing for it is all I ever wanted after all. It is what I sought in the love of my mate, the mountains, my children, the surf, the sun—anything I loved with complete abandon. It has to be what is clumsily described in religious texts as the ‘presence of God.'”

I know this is not a Course video, but I wanted to share it, because I find that it’s really affecting me, and because it so specifically dovetails with the Course’s view of reality and God. Many of the writers and teachings I have read take it for granted that the highest experience of God is the impersonal void, the Divine desert, where one disappears into an impersonal ocean of formlessness. To talk about a personal God of Love is a sure sign you are dealing with a lower level. You still need the reassurance of a Big Daddy and aren’t yet ready for the real thing.

This view has infiltrated Course circles as well, in the view that a God Who really knows you and overwhelmingly loves you would be a descent into “duality.” I think, however, we should celebrate the Course’s view that God loves us with a Love that has no earthly parallel and is beyond earthly comprehension. That is not what all paths says, but that is what our path says. And people regularly experience that very God. So I say let’s not be shy about embracing that God as ours.