Being with God

These past two weeks in my weekly “Deepening Your Workbook Practice” class, I’ve been reviewing Course-based meditation with my students. This week, I asked them to focus on the “Name of God Meditation,” which appears first in Lesson 183. I’ve always liked this form of meditation a lot and have come up with several variations over the years. A few days ago, when I was doing my own practice with it, another form emerged. It brought in the attitudes that Jesus encourages us to adopt when practicing, meditating, and praying: desire, determination, confidence, importance, and holiness. I’d like to share with you, because it’s been having quite an impact on me. Besides that, I feel really good when I meditate with it; I feel that I am actually being with God.

First, I’d like to mention that I used to be opposed to calling God “Father”; in fact, I wouldn’t! It went against all my feminist and egalitarian principles. Somehow, over the years, my opposition disappeared, and in this meditation session, I found myself spontaneously addressing God in this way. If you want to do this meditation, I invite you to use the name for God that suits you best.

I’ll take you through the entrance to the meditation as I do it, but I’ve found that it has a life of its own, with related thoughts changing slightly each time I do it. I suggest that you read the following slowly and reflectively, letting your own related ideas come and mine perhaps drop away.

“Here I am, Lord.”

I come to You, and trust that You will come to me who ask (from Lesson 168.6).

God… Father… I come to You with desire, because You are my heart’s desire. You are all that I could possibly ever want. I truly want to be with You, now and always.

God… Father… I come to You with determination, because You are my goal, and I am determined to reach You in this quiet time, to feel Your presence and be with You in Your Heart of Love.

God… Father… I come to You with confidence, because it is Your will and mine that I reach You, that I spend this time with You and experience Your love. I cannot fail to reach You, because You are where I belong.

God… Father… I come to You with a sense of importance, because spending this time with You is for my salvation and the salvation of the world. What could be more important than this?

God… Father… I  come to You with a sense of holiness, because You are the source of holiness, and seeking to reach You is the most holy endeavour, “an exercise in holiness” (Lesson 45.8:7).

[Now, repeat the name of God a few times and let it draw you into a deep experience of Him and His Love. When your mind wanders off, repeat His name and feel His presence fill you.]


As I’ve been meditating in this form during the past couple of days, the meaning behind each attitude has become almost inherent in the word itself, and so what’s been happening is that I only need to say, “God… Father… desire. God… Father… determination…”; etc., and that’s enough to move me into a full and deep meditation. Keeping these attitudes in my mind as I start my meditation seems to really focus me and allow me to go deep right away.