A near-death experience that sounds like it came straight from the Course

I wanted to alert you all to a remarkable video that I highly recommend. It is a 45-minute interview with Anita Moorjani from Hong Kong. She had one of the most powerful near-death experiences I have encountered. I find it notable for several reasons:

First, she was shown a long list of truths that could have come straight out of the Course. We have all heard the theme of living in love rather than fear, but hearing it from Anita, it may well have a fresh impact on you. It certainly did on me. This, however, is just one of many Course themes we hear, which include our true nature as magnificent spiritual beings, the body as a limit on our unlimited nature, the simultaneity of events in time, the illusory nature of the world, the origin of disease in fear-based beliefs, the importance of relationships, and the fact that we are here to fulfill a “mission” (or special function).

Second, during her NDE she is promised, and receives, a truly miraculous healing. If ever a healing should be called miraculous, this is it. Given her story, there seems little question that she experienced a complete reversal of a medically-irreversible condition that appeared to be directly attributable to a mental/spiritual influence.

Third, her story is chock-full of veridical elements—things she knew or was told that she had no way to know, but that turned out to be true. This includes things that happened during her coma and things that came true after her NDE. This adds a layer of believableness to everything she experienced.

Here is the video. I know it’s 45 minutes, but it is more than worth the time.