Beholding My Savior

Brother, we need forgiveness of each other,
for we will share in madness or in Heaven together.
And we will raise our eyes in faith together, or not at all.
Beside me is one who offers me the chalice of Atonement,
for the Holy Spirit is in him.
Would I hold your sins against you,
or accept your gift to me?
Are you, this giver of salvation, my friend or enemy?
I must choose which you are,
remembering that I will receive of you according to my choice.
You have in you the power to forgive my sin, as I for you.
Neither can give it to himself alone.
And yet our savior stands beside each one.
I will let you be what you are,
and seek not to make of love an enemy.
Let me behold my Friend, the Christ Who stands beside me.
How holy and how beautiful He is!
I thought He sinned because I cast the veil of sin upon Him to hide His loveliness.
Yet still He holds forgiveness out to me, to share His holiness.
This “enemy,” this “stranger” still offers me salvation as His Friend.
Let me behold the Son of God, and look upon his purity and be still.
In quiet let me look upon his holiness,
and offer thanks unto his Father that no guilt has ever touched him.
This is you, my brother, crucified by sin and waiting for release from pain.
Would I not offer you forgiveness, when only you can offer it to me?
For your redemption you will give me mine,
as surely as God created every living thing and loves it.
There is no grace of Heaven that I cannot offer to you,
and receive from my most holy Friend.
Let me behold my savior in this one
You have appointed as the one for me to ask:
Lead me to the holy light in which you stand
that I may join with you.
Give me your blessing, holy Son of God.
I would behold you with the eyes of Christ,
and see my perfect sinlessness in you.
I stand with you in light,[name].
You can forgive me all my sins;
your sacred hands can take away the nails which pierce my own, and lift the crown of thorns which I have placed upon my bleeding head.
Let me behold You now, whom I have seen as merely flesh and bone, and recognize that Christ has come to me.
I perceive you now as more than friend to me, for in the light your holiness shows me my savior, saved and saving, healed and whole.
You have not lost the power to forgive me all the sins I think you placed between You and the function of salvation given you for me.
Here you stand with the key to Heaven in your hand, held out to me.
Let not the dream of specialness remain between us.
The key I threw away God gave you, brother.
Your holy hands would offer it to me
when I am ready to accept His plan for my salvation in the place of mine.