Exercise in Seeing the Great Rays: Based on “The Holy Instant and the Attraction of God”

Think of someone in your life, it does not matter who. Just pick someone.

Notice that you immediately think of this person’s body, its good points and its flaws.

You also think of their personality, but that amounts to the patterns that run through their various behaviors. It still comes down to their body-what it has done.

What do you want from this person’s body? What do you want it to do for you?

If their body actually did everything you wanted, how happy would that really make you?

Is it not possible that you would still be left the same more or less empty, unfulfilled, worried person you are now?

Now think of the downside of seeing this person as a body.

They already feel imprisoned in its tiny cell.

You seeing them as confined to their body reinforces this.

It is as if you are handing them a note-and you might want to picture yourself doing this-which says, “This sentences you, an unlimited being, to further prison time within this tiny, crumbling cell of flesh.”

Seeing them as confined to the body keeps you separate from them.

As long as you are confined in your body and they are confined in theirs,

your minds will remain forever private and out of reach.

Now say to yourself, “I have no conception of the limits I have placed on my perception,

and no idea of all the loveliness I could see.”

Say, “I would not limit my perception of you to your body.

I would see the Great Rays shining from you,

So unlimited that they reach to God.”

This person is not a miniscule body of flesh.

This person is not defined by the selfish little things they have done.

Underneath all that, this person is a holy being, as holy as the saints, as holy as the bodhisattvas.

Look on the Great Rays as they shine out to infinity, and know that this is the truth.

Now realize that you, too, are not a body. You, too, are rays of light extending to infinity.

Try to feel the rays that shine from you intermingle with the rays that shine from this person.

Try to feel the oneness that this entails. Try to feel relationship without limit.

Finally, realize that this is a tiny taste of what Heaven is like, “where you are complete and quiet, in such sure and loving relationships that any limit is impossible. Would you not exchange your little relationships for this?”