Favorite Workbook Prayers

Here is a collection of my favorite prayers from the Workbook. I’ve put each sentence on a separate line, which I find greatly helps in praying the prayer. My suggestion is to print this out and perhaps put it in a notebook or binder. Then set aside some time and place it on your lap. Decide which pray you want to start with. Fix the first sentence in your mind, close your eyes, and say that sentence to God as a real communication, expecting Him to hear. Try to suspend your disbelief, set aside your reservations, and for just that moment, really mean the sentence you are saying. Then go on to the next sentence in the same fashion.

You may want to go through a single prayer several times over. I find that when I do this, I go more deeply into the prayer with each time through. Or you may want to go through several prayers in succession. I find that this collection is a great way to pass the time on a long car trip (as long as the road is straight and there’s very little traffic). Obviously, I pray the prayers with eyes open in that case!

Lesson 163

There is no death. The Son of God is free.

  1. Our Father, bless our eyes today.
  2. We are Your messengers, and we would look upon the glorious reflection of Your Love which shines in everything.
  3. We live and move in You alone.
  4. We are not separate from Your eternal life.
  5. There is no death, for death is not Your Will.
  6. And we abide where You have placed us, in the life we share with You and with all living things, to be like You and part of You forever.
  7. We accept Your Thoughts as ours, and our will is one with Yours eternally.
  8. Amen.

Lesson 170

There is no cruelty in God and none in me

  1. Father, we are like You.
  2. No cruelty abides in us, for there is none in You.
  3. Your peace is ours.
  4. And we bless the world with what we have received from You alone.
  5. We choose again, and make our choice for all our brothers, knowing they are one with us.
  6. We bring them Your salvation as we have received it now.
  7. And we give thanks for them who render us complete.
  8. In them we see Your glory, and in them we find our peace.
  9. Holy are we because Your holiness has set us free.
  10. And we give thanks.
  11. Amen.

Review V

  1. Steady our feet, our Father.
  2. Let our doubts be quiet and our holy minds be still, and speak to us.
  3. We have no words to give to You.
  4. We would but listen to Your Word, and make it ours.
  5. Lead our practicing as does a father lead a little child along a way he does not understand.
  6. Yet does he follow, sure that he is safe because his father leads the way for him.
  7. So do we bring our practicing to You.
  8. And if we stumble, You will raise us up.
  9. If we forget the way, we count upon Your sure remembering.
  10. We wander off, but You will not forget to call us back.
  11. Quicken our footsteps now, that we may walk more certainly and quickly unto You.
  12. And we accept the Word You offer us to unify our practicing, as we review the thoughts that You have given us.

Lesson 189

I feel the Love of God within me now

  1. Father, we do not know the way to You.
  2. But we have called, and You have answered us.
  3. We will not interfere.
  4. Salvation’s ways are not our own, for they belong to You.
  5. And it is unto You we look for them.
  6. Our hands are open to receive Your gifts.
  7. We have no thoughts we think apart from You, and cherish no beliefs of what we are, or Who created us.
  8. Yours is the way that we would find and follow.
  9. And we ask but that Your Will, which is our own as well, be done in us and in the world, that it become a part of Heaven now.
  10. Amen.

Lesson 221

Peace to my mind. Let all my thoughts be still.

  1. Father, I come to You today to seek the peace that You alone can give.
  2. I come in silence.
  3. In the quiet of my heart, the deep recesses of my mind, I wait and listen for Your Voice.
  4. My Father, speak to me today.
  5. I come to hear Your Voice in silence and in certainty and love, sure You will hear my call and answer me.

Lesson 222

God is with me. I live and move in Him.

  1. Father, we have no words except Your Name upon our lips and in our minds, as we come quietly into Your Presence now, and ask to rest with You in peace a while.

Lesson 223

God is my life. I have no life but His.

  1. Our Father, let us see the face of Christ instead of our mistakes.
  2. For we who are Your holy Son are sinless.
  3. We would look upon our sinlessness, for guilt proclaims that we are not Your Son.
  4. And we would not forget You longer.
  5. We are lonely here, and long for Heaven, where we are at home.
  6. Today we would return.
  7. Our Name is Yours, and we acknowledge that we are Your Son.

Lesson 224

God is my Father, and He loves His Son.

  1. My Name, O Father, still is known to You.
  2. I have forgotten it, and do not know where I am going, who I am, or what it is I do.
  3. Remind me, Father, now, for I am weary of the world I see.
  4. Reveal what You would have me see instead.

Lesson 225

God is my Father, and His Son loves Him.

  1. Father, I must return Your Love for me, for giving and receiving are the same, and You have given all Your Love to me.
  2. I must return it, for I want it mine in full awareness, blazing in my mind and keeping it within its kindly light, inviolate, beloved, with fear behind and only peace ahead.
  3. How still the way Your loving Son is led along to You!

Lesson 226

My home awaits me. I will hasten there.

  1. Father, my home awaits my glad return.
  2. Your Arms are open and I hear Your Voice.
  3. What need have I to linger in a place of vain desires and of shattered dreams, when Heaven can so easily be mine?

Lesson 227

This is my holy instant of release.

  1. Father, it is today that I am free, because my will is Yours.
  2. I thought to make another will.
  3. Yet nothing that I thought apart from You exists.
  4. And I am free because I was mistaken, and did not affect my own reality at all by my illusions.
  5. Now I give them up, and lay them down before the feet of truth, to be removed forever from my mind.
  6. This is my holy instant of release.
  7. Father, I know my will is one with Yours.

Lesson 228

God has condemned me not. No more do I.

  1. Father, I was mistaken in myself, because I failed to realize the Source from Which I came.
  2. I have not left that Source to enter in a body and to die.
  3. My holiness remains a part of me, as I am part of You.
  4. And my mistakes about myself are dreams.
  5. I let them go today.
  6. And I stand ready to receive Your Word alone for what I really am.

Lesson 229

Love, Which created me, is what I am.

  1. Father, my thanks to You for what I am; for keeping my Identity untouched and sinless, in the midst of all the thoughts of sin my foolish mind made up.
  2. And thanks to You for saving me from them.
  3. Amen.

Lesson 230

ow will I seek and find the peace of God.

  1. Father, I seek the peace You gave as mine in my creation.
  2. What was given then must be here now, for my creation was apart from time, and still remains beyond all change.
  3. The peace in which Your Son was born into Your Mind is shining there unchanged.
  4. I am as You created me.
  5. I need but call on You to find the peace You gave.
  6. It is Your Will that gave it to Your Son.

Lesson 231

Father, I will but to remember You.

  1. What can I seek for, Father, but Your Love?
  2. Perhaps I think I seek for something else; a something I have called by many names.
  3. Yet is Your Love the only thing I seek, or ever sought.
  4. For there is nothing else that I could ever really want to find.
  5. Let me remember You.
  6. What else could I desire but the truth about myself?

Lesson 232

Be in my mind, my Father, through the day.

  1. Be in my mind, my Father, when I wake, and shine on me throughout the day today.
  2. Let every minute be a time in which I dwell with You.
  3. And let me not forget my hourly thanksgiving that You have remained with me, and always will be there to hear my call to You and answer me.
  4. As evening comes, let all my thoughts be still of You and of Your Love.
  5. And let me sleep sure of my safety, certain of Your care, and happily aware I am Your Son.

Lesson 233

I give my life to God to guide today.

  1. Father, I give You all my thoughts today.
  2. I would have none of mine.
  3. In place of them, give me Your Own.
  4. I give You all my acts as well, that I may do Your Will instead of seeking goals which cannot be obtained, and wasting time in vain imaginings.
  5. Today I come to You.
  6. I will step back and merely follow You.
  7. Be You the Guide, and I the follower who questions not the wisdom of the Infinite, nor Love whose tenderness I cannot comprehend, but which is yet Your perfect gift to me.

Lesson 234

Father, today I am Your Son again.

  1. We thank You, Father, that we cannot lose the memory of You and of Your Love.
  2. We recognize our safety, and give thanks for all the gifts You have bestowed on us, for all the loving help we have received, for Your eternal patience, and the Word which You have given us that we are saved.

Lesson 235

God in His mercy wills that I be saved.

  1. Father, Your holiness is mine.
  2. Your Love created me, and made my sinlessness forever part of You.
  3. I have no guilt nor sin in me, for there is none in You.

Lesson 236

I rule my mind, which I alone must rule.

  1. Father, my mind is open to Your Thoughts, and closed today to every thought but Yours.
  2. I rule my mind, and offer it to You.
  3. Accept my gift, for it is Yours to me.

Lesson 238

On my decision all salvation rests.

  1. Father, Your trust in me has been so great, I must be worthy.
  2. You created me, and know me as I am.
  3. And yet You placed Your Son’s salvation in my hands, and let it rest on my decision.
  4. I must be beloved of You indeed.
  5. And I must be steadfast in holiness as well, that You would give Your Son to me in certainty that he is safe Who still is part of You, and yet is mine, because He is my Self.

Lesson 241

This holy instant is salvation come.

  1. We have forgiven one another now, and so we come at last to You again.
  2. Father, Your Son, who never left, returns to Heaven and his home.
  3. How glad are we to have our sanity restored to us, and to remember that we all are one.

Lesson 242

This day is God’s. It is my gift to Him.

  1. And so we give today to You.
  2. We come with wholly open minds.
  3. We do not ask for anything that we may think we want.
  4. Give us what You would have received by us.
  5. You know all our desires and our wants.
  6. And You will give us everything we need in helping us to find the way to You.

Lesson 244

I am in danger nowhere in the world.

  1. Your Son is safe wherever he may be, for You are there with him.
  2. He need but call upon Your Name, and he will recollect his safety and Your Love, for they are one.
  3. How can he fear or doubt or fail to know he cannot suffer, be endangered, or experience unhappiness, when he belongs to You, beloved and loving, in the safety of Your Fatherly embrace?

Lesson 245

Your peace is with me, Father. I am safe.

  1. Your peace surrounds me, Father.
  2. Where I go, Your peace goes there with me.
  3. It sheds its light on everyone I meet.
  4. I bring it to the desolate and lonely and afraid.
  5. I give Your peace to those who suffer pain, or grieve for loss, or think they are bereft of hope and happiness.
  6. Send them to me, my Father.
  7. Let me bring Your peace with me.
  8. For I would save Your Son, as is Your Will, that I may come to recognize my Self.

Lesson 248

Whatever suffers is not part of me.

  1. Father, my ancient love for You returns, and lets me love Your Son again as well.
  2. Father, I am as You created me.
  3. Now is Your Love remembered, and my own.
  4. Now do I understand that they are one.

Lesson 249

Forgiveness ends all suffering and loss.

  1. Father, we would return our minds to You.
  2. We have betrayed them, held them in a vise of bitterness, and frightened them with thoughts of violence and death.
  3. Now would we rest again in You, as You created us.

Lesson 252

The Son of God is my Identity.

  1. Father, You know my true Identity.
  2. Reveal It now to me who am Your Son, that I may waken to the truth in You, and know that Heaven is restored to me.

Lesson 254

Let every voice but God’s be still in me.

  1. Father, today I would but hear Your Voice.
  2. In deepest silence I would come to You, to hear Your Voice and to receive Your Word.
  3. I have no prayer but this: I come to You to ask You for the truth.
  4. And truth is but Your Will, which I would share with You today.

Lesson 255

This day I choose to spend in perfect peace.

  1. And so, my Father, would I pass this day with You.
  2. Your Son has not forgotten You.
  3. The peace You gave him still is in his mind, and it is there I choose to spend today.

Lesson 256

God is the only goal I have today.

  1. And so, our Father, would we come to You in Your appointed way.
  2. We have no goal except to hear Your Voice, and find the way Your sacred Word has pointed out to us.

Lesson 258

Let me remember that my goal is God.

  1. Our goal is but to follow in the way that leads to You.
  2. We have no goal but this.
  3. What could we want but to remember You?
  4. What could we seek but our Identity?

Lesson 259

Let me remember that there is no sin.

  1. Father, I would not be insane today.
  2. I would not be afraid of love, nor seek for refuge in its opposite.
  3. For love can have no opposite.
  4. You are the Source of everything there is.
  5. And everything that is remains with You, and You with it.

Lesson 261

God is my refuge and security.

  1. Let me not seek for idols.
  2. I would come, my Father, home to You today.
  3. I choose to be as You created me, and find the Son whom You created as my Self.

Lesson 263

My holy vision sees all things as pure.

  1. Father, Your Mind created all that is, Your Spirit entered into it, Your Love gave life to it.
  2. And would I look upon what You created as if it could be made sinful?
  3. I would not perceive such dark and fearful images.
  4. A madman’s dream is hardly fit to be my choice, instead of all the loveliness with which You blessed creation; all its purity, its joy, and its eternal, quiet home in You.

Lesson 264

I am surrounded by the Love of God.

  1. Father, You stand before me and behind, beside me, in the place I see myself, and everywhere I go.
  2. You are in all the things I look upon, the sounds I hear, and every hand that reaches for my own.
  3. In You time disappears, and place becomes a meaningless belief.
  4. For what surrounds Your Son and keeps him safe is Love Itself.
  5. There is no Source but This, and nothing is that does not share Its holiness; that stands beyond Your one creation, or without the Love Which holds all things within Itself.
  6. Father, Your Son is like Yourself.
  7. We come to You in Your Own Name today, to be at peace within Your everlasting Love.

Lesson 266

My holy Self abides in you, God’s Son.

  1. Father, You gave me all Your Sons, to be my saviors and my counselors in sight; the bearers of Your holy Voice to me.
  2. In them are You reflected, and in them does Christ look back upon me from my Self.
  3. Let not Your Son forget Your holy Name.
  4. Let not Your Son forget his holy Source.
  5. Let not Your Son forget his name is Yours.

Lesson 267

My heart is beating in the peace of God.

  1. Let me attend Your Answer, not my own.
  2. Father, my heart is beating in the peace the Heart of Love created.
  3. It is there and only there that I can be at home.

Lesson 268

Let all things be exactly as they are.

  1. Let me not be Your critic, Lord, today, and judge against You.
  2. Let me not attempt to interfere with Your creation, and distort it into sickly forms.
  3. Let me be willing to withdraw my wishes from its unity, and thus to let it be as You created it.
  4. For thus will I be able, too, to recognize my Self as You created me.
  5. In Love was I created, and in Love will I remain forever.
  6. What can frighten me, when I let all things be exactly as they are?

Lesson 272

How can illusions satisfy God’s Son?

  1. Father, the truth belongs to me.
  2. My home is set in Heaven by Your Will and mine.
  3. Can dreams content me?
  4. Can illusions bring me happiness?
  5. What but Your memory can satisfy Your Son?
  6. I will accept no less than You have given me.
  7. I am surrounded by Your Love, forever still, forever gentle and forever safe.
  8. God’s Son must be as You created him.

Lesson 273

The stillness of the peace of God is mine.

  1. Father, Your peace is mine.
  2. What need have I to fear that anything can rob me of what You would have me keep?
  3. I cannot lose Your gifts to me.
  4. And so the peace You gave Your Son is with me still, in quietness and in my own eternal love for You.

Lesson 275

God’s healing Voice protects all things today.

  1. Your healing Voice protects all things today, and so I leave all things to You.
  2. I need be anxious over nothing.
  3. For Your Voice will tell me what to do and where to go; to whom to speak and what to say to him, what thoughts to think, what words to give the world.
  4. The safety that I bring is given me.
  5. Father, Your Voice protects all things through me.

Lesson 276

The Word of God is given me to speak.

  1. Father, Your Word is mine.
  2. And it is this that I would speak to all my brothers, who are given me to cherish as my own, as I am loved and blessed and saved by You.

Lesson 278

If I am bound, my Father is not free.

  1. Father, I ask for nothing but the truth.
  2. I have had many foolish thoughts about myself and my creation, and have brought a dream of fear into my mind.
  3. Today, I would not dream.
  4. choose the way to You instead of madness and instead of fear.
  5. For truth is safe, and only love is sure.

Lesson 279

Creation’s freedom promises my own.

  1. I will accept Your promises today, and give my faith to them.
  2. My Father loves the Son Whom He created as His Own.
  3. Would You withhold the gifts You gave to me?

Lesson 281

I can be hurt by nothing but my thoughts.

  1. Father, Your Son is perfect.
  2. When I think that I am hurt in any way, it is because I have forgotten who I am, and that I am as You created me.
  3. Your Thoughts can only bring me happiness.
  4. If ever I am sad or hurt or ill, I have forgotten what You think, and put my little meaningless ideas in place of where Your Thoughts belong, and where they are.
  5. I can be hurt by nothing but my thoughts.
  6. The Thoughts I think with You can only bless.
  7. The Thoughts I think with You alone are true.

Lesson 283

My true Identity abides in You.

  1. Father, I made an image of myself, and it is this I call the Son of God.
  2. Yet is creation as it always was, for Your creation is unchangeable.
  3. Let me not worship idols.
  4. I am he my Father loves.
  5. My holiness remains the light of Heaven and the Love of God.
  6. Is not what is beloved of You secure?
  7. Is not the light of Heaven infinite?
  8. Is not Your Son my true Identity, when You created everything that is?

Lesson 284

I can elect to change all thoughts that hurt.

  1. Father, what You have given cannot hurt, so grief and pain must be impossible.
  2. Let me not fail to trust in You today, accepting but the joyous as Your gifts; accepting but the joyous as the truth.

Lesson 285

My holiness shines bright and clear today.

  1. Father, my holiness is Yours.
  2. Let me rejoice in it, and through forgiveness be restored to sanity.
  3. Your Son is still as You created him.
  4. My holiness is part of me, and also part of You.
  5. And what can alter Holiness Itself?

Lesson 286

The hush of Heaven holds my heart today.

    quietly do all things fall in place!

  1. This is the day that has been chosen as the time in which I come to understand the lesson that there is no need that I do anything.
  2. In You is every choice already made.
  3. In You has every conflict been resolved.
  4. In You is everything I hope to find already given me.
  5. Your peace is mine.
  6. My heart is quiet, and my mind at rest.
  7. Your Love is Heaven, and Your Love is mine.

Lesson 287

You are my goal, my Father. Only You.

  1. You are my goal, my Father.
  2. What but You could I desire to have?
  3. What way but that which leads to You could I desire to walk?
  4. And what except the memory of You could signify to me the end of dreams and futile substitutions for the truth?
  5. You are my only goal.
  6. Your Son would be as You created him.
  7. What way but this could I expect to recognize my Self, and be at one with my Identity?

Lesson 288

Let me forget my brother’s past today.

  1. This is the thought that leads the way to You, and brings me to my goal.
  2. I cannot come to You without my brother.
  3. And to know my Source, I first must recognize what You created one with me.
  4. My brother’s is the hand that leads me on the way to You.
  5. His sins are in the past along with mine, and I am saved because the past is gone.
  6. Let me not cherish it within my heart, or I will lose the way to walk to You.
  7. My brother is my savior.
  8. Let me not attack the savior You have given me.
  9. But let me honor him who bears Your Name, and so remember that It is my own.

Lesson 290

My present happiness is all I see.

  1. With this resolve I come to You, and ask Your strength to hold me up today, while I but seek to do Your Will.
  2. You cannot fail to hear me, Father.
  3. What I ask have You already given me.
  4. And I am sure that I will see my happiness today.

Lesson 291

This is a day of stillness and of peace.

  1. This day my mind is quiet, to receive the Thoughts You offer me.
  2. And I accept what comes from You, instead of from myself.
  3. I do not know the way to You.
  4. But You are wholly certain.
  5. Father, guide Your Son along the quiet path that leads to You.
  6. Let my forgiveness be complete, and let the memory of You return to me.

Lesson 292

A happy outcome to all things is sure.

  1. We thank You, Father, for Your guarantee of only happy outcomes in the end.
  2. Help us not interfere, and so delay the happy endings You have promised us for every problem that we can perceive; for every trial we think we still must meet.

Lesson 293

All fear is past and only love is here.

  1. Father, let not Your holy world escape my sight today.
  2. Nor let my ears be deaf to all the hymns of gratitude the world is singing underneath the sounds of fear.
  3. There is a real world which the present holds safe from all past mistakes.
  4. And I would see only this world before my eyes today.

Lesson 294

My body is a wholly neutral thing.

  1. My body, Father, cannot be Your Son.
  2. And what is not created cannot be sinful nor sinless; neither good nor bad.
  3. Let me, then, use this dream to help Your plan that we awaken from all dreams we made.

Lesson 296

The Holy Spirit speaks through me today.

  1. The Holy Spirit needs my voice today, that all the world may listen to Your Voice, and hear Your Word through me.
  2. I am resolved to let You speak through me, for I would use no words but Yours, and have no thoughts which are apart from Yours, for only Yours are true.
  3. I would be savior to the world I made.
  4. For having damned it I would set it free, that I may find escape, and hear the Word Your holy Voice will speak to me today.

Lesson 297

Forgiveness is the only gift I give.

  1. Father, how certain are Your ways; how sure their final outcome, and how faithfully is every step in my salvation set already, and accomplished by Your grace.
  2. Thanks be to You for Your eternal gifts, and thanks to You for my Identity.

Lesson 298
I love You, Father, and I love Your Son.

  1. Father, I come to You today, because I would not follow any way but Yours.
  2. You are beside me.
  3. Certain is Your way.
  4. And I am grateful for Your holy gifts of certain sanctuary, and escape from everything that would obscure my love for God my Father and His holy Son.

Lesson 299

Eternal holiness abides in me.

  1. Father, my holiness is not of me.
  2. It is not mine to be destroyed by sin.
  3. It is not mine to suffer from attack.
  4. Illusions can obscure it, but can not put out its radiance, nor dim its light.
  5. It stands forever perfect and untouched.
  6. In it are all things healed, for they remain as You created them.
  7. And I can know my holiness.
  8. For Holiness Itself created me, and I can know my Source because it is Your Will that You be known.

Lesson 300

Only an instant does this world endure.

  1. We seek Your holy world today.
  2. For we, Your loving Sons, have lost our way a while.
  3. But we have listened to Your Voice, and learned exactly what to do to be restored to Heaven and our true Identity.
  4. And we give thanks today the world endures but for an instant.
  5. We would go beyond that tiny instant to eternity.

Lesson 301

And God Himself shall wipe away all tears.

  1. Father, unless I judge I cannot weep.
  2. Nor can I suffer pain, or feel I am abandoned or unneeded in the world.
  3. This is my home because I judge it not, and therefore is it only what You will.
  4. Let me today behold it uncondemned, through happy eyes forgiveness has released from all distortion.
  5. Let me see Your world instead of mine.
  6. And all the tears I shed will be forgotten, for their source is gone.
  7. Father, I will not judge Your world today.

Lesson 302

Where darkness was I look upon the light.

  1. Father, our eyes are opening at last.
  2. Your holy world awaits us, as our sight is finally restored and we can see.
  3. We thought we suffered.
  4. But we had forgot the Son whom You created.
  5. Now we see that darkness is our own imagining, and light is there for us to look upon.
  6. Christ’s vision changes darkness into light, for fear must disappear when love has come.
  7. Let me forgive Your holy world today, that I may look upon its holiness and understand it but reflects my own.

Lesson 304

Let not my world obscure the sight of Christ.

  1. You lead me from the darkness to the light; from sin to holiness.
  2. Let me forgive, and thus receive salvation for the world.
  3. It is Your gift, my Father, given me to offer to Your holy Son, that he may find again the memory of You, and of Your Son as You created him.

Lesson 306

The gift of Christ is all I seek today.

  1. And so, our Father, we return to You, remembering we never went away; remembering Your holy gifts to us.
  2. In gratitude and thankfulness we come, with empty hands and open hearts and minds, asking but what You give.
  3. We cannot make an offering sufficient for Your Son.
  4. But in Your Love the gift of Christ is his.

Lesson 307

Conflicting wishes cannot be my will.

  1. Father, Your Will is mine, and only that.
  2. There is no other will for me to have.
  3. Let me not try to make another will, for it is senseless and will cause me pain.
  4. Your Will alone can bring me happiness, and only Yours exists.
  5. If I would have what only You can give, I must accept Your Will for me, and enter into peace where conflict is impossible, Your Son is one with You in being and in will, and nothing contradicts the holy truth that I remain as You created me.

Lesson 310

In fearlessness and love I spend today.

  1. This day, my Father, would I spend with You, as You have chosen all my days should be.
  2. And what I will experience is not of time at all.
  3. The joy that comes to me is not of days nor hours, for it comes from Heaven to Your Son.
  4. This day will be Your sweet reminder to remember You, Your gracious calling to Your holy Son, the sign Your grace has come to me, and that it is Your Will I be set free today.

Lesson 311

I judge all things as I would have them be.

  1. Father, we wait with open mind today, to hear Your Judgment of the Son You love.
  2. We do not know him, and we cannot judge.
  3. And so we let Your Love decide what he whom You created as Your Son must be.

Lesson 312

I see all things as I would have them be.

  1. I have no purpose for today except to look upon a liberated world, set free from all the judgments I have made.
  2. Father, this is Your Will for me today, and therefore it must be my goal as well.

Lesson 313

Now let a new perception come to me.

  1. Father, there is a vision which beholds all things as sinless, so that fear has gone, and where it was is love invited in.
  2. And love will come wherever it is asked.
  3. This vision is Your gift.
  4. The eyes of Christ look on a world forgiven.
  5. In His sight are all its sins forgiven, for He sees no sin in anything He looks upon.
  6. Now let His true perception come to me, that I may waken from the dream of sin and look within upon my sinlessness, which You have kept completely undefiled upon the altar to Your holy Son, the Self with Which I would identify.

Lesson 317

I follow in the way appointed me.

  1. Father, Your way is what I choose today.
  2. Where it would lead me do I choose to go; what it would have me do I choose to do.
  3. Your way is certain, and the end secure.
  4. The memory of You awaits me there.
  5. And all my sorrows end in Your embrace, which You have promised to Your Son, who thought mistakenly that he had wandered from the sure protection of Your loving Arms.

Lesson 320

My Father gives all power unto me.

  1. Your Will can do all things in me, and then extend to all the world as well through >me.
  2. There is no limit on Your Will.
  3. And so all power has been given to Your Son.

Lesson 321

Father, my freedom is in You alone.

  1. I did not understand what made me free, nor what my freedom is, nor where to look to find it.
  2. Father, I have searched in vain until I heard Your Voice directing me.
  3. Now I would guide myself no more.
  4. For I have neither made nor understood the way to find my freedom.
  5. But I trust in You.
  6. You Who endowed me with my freedom as Your holy Son will not be lost to me.
  7. Your Voice directs me, and the way to You is opening and clear to me at last.
  8. Father, my freedom is in You alone.
  9. Father, it is my will that I return.

Lesson 323

I gladly make the “sacrifice” of fear.

  1. Here is the only “sacrifice” You ask of Your beloved Son; You ask him to give up, all suffering, all sense of loss and sadness, all anxiety and doubt, and freely let Your Love come streaming in to his awareness, healing him of pain, and giving him Your Own eternal joy.
  2. Such is the “sacrifice” You ask of me, and one I gladly make; the only “cost” of restoration of Your memory to me, for the salvation of the world.

Lesson 324

I merely follow, for I would not lead.

  1. Father, You are the One Who gave the plan for my salvation to me.
  2. You have set the way I am to go, the role to take, and every step in my appointed path.
  3. I cannot lose the way.
  4. I can but choose to wander off a while, and then return.
  5. Your loving Voice will always call me back, and guide my feet aright.
  6. My brothers all can follow in the way I lead them.
  7. Yet I merely follow in the way to You, as You direct me and would have me go.

Lesson 326

I am forever an Effect of God.

  1. Father, I was created in Your Mind, a holy Thought that never left its home.
  2. I am forever Your Effect, and You forever and forever are my Cause.
  3. As You created me I have remained.
  4. Where You established me I still abide.
  5. And all Your attributes abide in me, because it is Your Will to have a Son so like his Cause that Cause and Its Effect are indistinguishable.
  6. Let me know that I am an Effect of God, and so I have the power to create like You.
  7. And as it is in Heaven, so on earth.
  8. Your plan I follow here, and at the end I know that You will gather Your effects into the tranquil Heaven of Your Love, where earth will vanish, and all separate thoughts unite in glory as the Son of God.

Lesson 328

I choose the second place to gain the first.

  1. There is no will but Yours.<
  2. And I am glad that nothing I imagine contradicts what You would have me be.
  3. It is Your Will that I be wholly safe, eternally at peace.
  4. And happily I share that Will which You, my Father, gave as part of me.

Lesson 329

I have already chosen what You will.

  1. Father, I thought I wandered from Your Will, defied it, broke its laws, and interposed a second will more powerful than Yours.
  2. Yet what I am in truth is but Your Will, extended and extending.
  3. This am I, and this will never change.
  4. As You are One, so am I one with You.
  5. And this I chose in my creation, where my will became forever one with Yours.
  6. T hat choice was made for all eternity.
  7. It cannot change, and be in opposition to itself.
  8. Father, my will is Yours.
  9. And I am safe, untroubled and serene, in endless joy, because it is Your Will that it be so.

Lesson 333

Forgiveness ends the dream of conflict here.

  1. Father, forgiveness is the light You chose to shine away all conflict and all doubt, and light the way for our return to You.
  2. No light but this can end our evil dream.
  3. No light but this can save the world.
  4. For this alone will never fail in anything, being Your gift to Your beloved Son.

Lesson 334

Today I claim the gifts forgiveness gives.

  1. I seek but the eternal.
  2. For Your Son can be content with nothing less than this.
  3. What, then, can be his solace but what You are offering to his bewildered mind and frightened heart, to give him certainty and bring him peace?
  4. Today I would behold my brother sinless.
  5. This Your Will for me, for so will I behold my sinlessness.

Lesson 335

I choose to see my brother’s sinlessness.

  1. What could restore Your memory to me, except to see my brother’s sinlessness?
  2. His holiness reminds me that he was created one with me, and like myself.
  3. In him I find my Self, and in Your Son I find the memory of You as well.

Lesson 336

Forgiveness lets me know that minds are joined.

  1. In quiet may forgiveness wipe away my dreams of separation and of sin.
  2. Then let me, Father, look within, and find Your promise of my sinlessness is kept; Your Word remains unchanged within my mind, Your Love is still abiding in my heart.

Lesson 337

My sinlessness protects me from all harm.

  1. You Who created me in sinlessness are not mistaken about what I am.
  2. I was mistaken when I thought I sinned, but I accept Atonement for myself.
  3. Father, my dream is ended now.
  4. Amen.

Lesson 338

I am affected only by my thoughts.

  1. Your plan is sure, my Father, ‑ only Yours.
  2. All other plans will fail.
  3. And I will have thoughts that will frighten me, until I learn that You have given me the only Thought that leads me to salvation.
  4. Mine alone will fail, and lead me nowhere.
  5. But the Thought You gave me promises to lead me home, because it holds Your promise to Your Son.

Lesson 339

I will receive whatever I request.

  1. Father, this is Your day.
  2. It is a day in which I would do nothing by myself, but hear Your Voice in everything I do; requesting only what You offer me, accepting only Thoughts You share with me.

Lesson 340

I can be free of suffering today.

  1. Father, I thank You for today, and for the freedom I am certain it will bring.
  2. This day is holy, for today Your Son will be redeemed.
  3. His suffering is done.
  4. For he will hear Your Voice directing him to find Christ’s vision through forgiveness, and be free forever from all suffering.
  5. Thanks for today, my Father.
  6. I was born into this world but to achieve this day, and what it holds in joy and freedom for Your holy Son and for the world he made, which is released along with him today.

Lesson 341

I can attack but my own sinlessness, And it is only that which keeps me safe.

  1. Father, Your Son is holy.
  2. I am he on whom You smile in love and tenderness so dear and deep and still the universe smiles back on You, and shares Your Holiness.
  3. How pure, how safe, how holy, then, are we, abiding in Your Smile, with all Your Love bestowed upon us, living one with You, in brotherhood and Fatherhood complete; in sinlessness so perfect that the Lord of Sinlessness conceives us as His Son, a universe of Thought completing Him.

Lesson 342

I let forgiveness rest upon all things,
For thus forgiveness will be given me.

  1. I thank You, Father, for Your plan to save me from the hell I made.
  2. It is not real.
  3. And You have given me the means to prove its unreality to me.
  4. The key is in my hand, and I have reached the door beyond which lies the end of dreams.
  5. I stand before the gate of Heaven, wondering if I should enter in and be at home.
  6. Let me not wait again today.
  7. Let me forgive all things, and let creation be as You would have it be and as it is.
  8. Let me remember that I am Your Son, and opening the door at last, forget illusions in the blazing light of truth, as memory of You returns to me.

Lesson 343

I am not asked to make a sacrifice
To find the mercy and the peace of God.

    1. The end of suffering can not be loss.
    2. The gift of everything can be but gain.
    3. You only give.
    4. You never take away.
    5. And You created me to be like You, so sacrifice becomes impossible for me as well as You.
    6. I, too, must give.
    7. And so all things are given unto me forever and forever.
    8. As I was created I remain.
    9. Your Son can make no sacrifice, for he must be complete, having the function of completing You.
    10. I am complete because I am Your Son.
    11. I cannot lose, for I can only give, and everything is mine eternally.

Lesson 346

Today the peace of God envelops me,
And I forget all things except His Love.

      1. Father, I wake today with miracles correcting my perception of all things.
      2. And so begins the day I share with You as I will share eternity, for time has stepped aside today.
      3. I do not seek the things of time, and so I will not look upon them.
      4. What I seek today transcends all laws of time and things perceived in time.
      5. I would forget all things except Your Love.
      6. I would abide in You, and know no laws except Your law of love.
      7. And I would find the peace which You created for Your Son, forgetting all the foolish toys I made as I behold Your glory and my own.
      8. And when the evening comes today, we will remember nothing but the peace of God. For we will learn today what peace is ours, when we forget all things except God’s Love.

Lesson 347

Anger must come from judgment. Judgment is
The weapon I would use against myself,
To keep the miracle away from me.

      1. Father, I want what goes against my will, and do not want what is my will to have.
      2. Straighten my mind, my Father.
      3. It is sick.
      4. But You have offered freedom, and I choose to claim Your gift today.
      5. And so I give all judgment to the One You gave to me to judge for me.
      6. He sees what I behold, and yet He knows the truth.
      7. He looks on pain, and yet He understands it is not real, and in His understanding it is healed.
      8. He gives the miracles my dreams would hide from my awareness.
      9. Let Him judge today.
      10. I do not know my will, but He is sure it is Your Own.
      11. And He will speak for me, and call Your miracles to come to me.

Lesson 348

I have no cause for anger or for fear,
For You surround me. And in every need
That I perceive, Your grace suffices me.

      1. Father, let me remember You are here, and I am not alone.
      2. Surrounding me is everlasting Love.
      3. I have no cause for anything except the perfect peace and joy I share with You.
      4. What need have I for anger or for fear?
      5. Surrounding me is perfect safety.
      6. Can I be afraid, when Your eternal promise goes with me?
      7. Surrounding me is perfect sinlessness.
      8. What can I fear, when You created me in holiness as perfect as Your Own?

Lesson 352

Judgment and love are opposites. From one
Come all the sorrows of the world. But from
The other comes the peace of God Himself.

      1. Forgiveness looks on sinlessness alone, and judges not.
      2. Through this I come to You.
      3. Judgment will bind my eyes and make me blind.
      4. Yet love, reflected in forgiveness here, reminds me You have given me a way to find Your peace again.
      5. I am redeemed when I elect to follow in this way.
      6. You have not left me comfortless.
      7. I have within me both the memory of You, and One Who leads me to it.
      8. Father, I would hear Your Voice and find Your peace today.
      9. For I would love my own Identity, and find in It the memory of You.

Lesson 354

We stand together, Christ and I, in peace
And certainty of purpose. And in Him
Is His Creator, as He is in me.

      1. My oneness with the Christ establishes me as Your Son, beyond the reach of time, and wholly free of every law but Yours.
      2. I have no self except the Christ in me.
      3. I have no purpose but His Own.
      4. And He is like His Father.
      5. Thus must I be one with You as well as Him.
      6. For who is Christ except Your Son as You created Him?
      7. And what am I except the Christ in me?

Lesson 355

There is no end to all the peace and joy,
And all the miracles that I will give,
When I accept God’s Word. Why not today?

      1. Why should I wait, my Father, for the joy You promised me?
      2. For You will keep Your Word You gave Your Son in exile.
      3. I am sure my treasure waits for me, and I need but reach out my hand to find it.
      4. Even now my fingers touch it.
      5. It is very close.
      6. I need not wait an instant more to be at peace forever.
      7. It is You I choose, and my Identity along with You.
      8. Your Son would be Himself, and know You as his Father and Creator, and his Love.

Lesson 356

Sickness is but another name for sin.
Healing is but another name for God.
The miracle is thus a call to Him.

      1. Father, You promised You would never fail to answer any call Your Son might make to You.
      2. It does not matter where he is, what seems to be his problem, nor what he believes he has become.
      3. He is Your Son, and You will answer him.
      4. The miracle reflects Your Love, and thus it answers him.
      5. Your Name replaces every thought of sin, and who is sinless cannot suffer pain.
      6. Your Name gives answer to Your Son, because to call Your Name is but to call his own.

Lesson 358

No call to God can be unheard nor left
Unanswered. And of this I can be sure;
His answer is the one I really want.

      1. You Who remember what I really am alone remember what I really want.
      2. You speak for God, and so You speak for me.
      3. And what You give me comes from God Himself.
      4. Your Voice, my Father, then is mine as well, and all I want is what You offer me, in just the form You choose that it be mine.
      5. L et me remember all I do not know, and let my voice be still, remembering.
      6. But let me not forget Your Love and care, keeping Your promise to Your Son in my awareness always.
      7. Let me not forget myself is nothing, but my Self is all.

Lesson 359

God’s answer is some form of peace. All pain
Is healed; all misery replaced with joy.
All prison doors are opened. And all sin
Is understood as merely a mistake.

      1. Father, today we will forgive Your world, and let creation be Your Own.
      2. We have misunderstood all things.
      3. But we have not made sinners of the holy Sons of God.
      4. What You created sinless so abides forever and forever.
      5. Such are we.
      6. And we rejoice to learn that we have made mistakes which have no real effects on us.
      7. Sin is impossible, and on this fact forgiveness rests upon a certain base more solid than the shadow world we see.
      8. Help us forgive, for we would be redeemed.
      9. Help us forgive, for we would be at peace.


[Please note: ACIM passages quoted in this article reference the Foundation for Inner Peace (FIP) Edition.]