Practicing Forgiveness

  1. Forgiveness practice is Workbook practice and vice versa.
  2. All practices in the Course are merely different forms of forgiveness. Forgiveness is the core of all of them.
  3. Every difficulty in our lives is a forgiveness lesson.
  4. Be willing to practice forgiveness every minute.
  5. Forgiveness is more practical than setting things straight on the outside. It is, in fact, the alternative to that approach to happiness.
  6. Forgiveness is not a behavior. No behavior can make up for not forgiving on the inside. And true, inner forgiveness can be expressed in innumerable forms.
  7. Forgiveness will allow me to look on everything with total love and joy. If I am not in that state, I have not forgiven.
  8. Forgiveness is the most practical, relevant and true thing I can do in any situation, including this one.
  9. My real purpose for being in this situation, or for doing this thing, is to forgive (and extend that forgiveness), not to make a safe, satisfying and comfortable life for my “self.”
  10. Forgiveness will open up whole new experiences for me. It will spark interactions and situations I never thought possible. It will take me places I have never gone before. To forgive, then, I must want things to be truly different, rather than wanting the “safety” of things staying the same.
  11. What I look forward to as I think about my day or about my life are instants of forgiveness, not desired sets of outer events.
  12. I commit myself to forgiveness, even though it is radically different from my way of seeing things, and trust that I can reach it and that it will satisfy me completely.