Sacred Tenets of Egoic Relationship

Being treated specially and made to feel special is a good thing.

Having a special partner is a good thing.

Other people can make me happy.

Some people can give me more than others.

It matters what people think of me.

It matters how people treat me.

I can be treated unfairly.

Making sure I am not mistreated is a very important skill.

It is right and good for me to point out the errors in how people treat me and tell them

how to correct those errors.

Other people make me feel things.

Other people can attack and injure me and they have.

Because of the bad things they have done, other people deserve my anger.

I am honestly angry at the bad things they did. My anger at them is not really displaced

anger at myself for my own “sins.”

My actions are caused by what other people do to me.

I never attack first.

People have certain roles they are supposed to fulfill in relation to my needs and my


If they fail in these roles I have to feel bad about them.

My picture of them is wisely informed by all of their past failures in fulfilling their role.

In reacting to their present actions it is valid for me to respond to the entire

constellation of their past actions that resemble the present action in any way.

People owe me because of how much I have given them.

Giving to another means loss, sacrifice, and needs to be done very cautiously.

The way I was treated in the past continues to be relevant in the present.

My past should have treated me better and I can prove it by my achievements in the


I know who my partner is, maybe not perfectly, but roughly.

My partner’s personality matters.

My partner’s material circumstance and place in society matters.

My partner’s body—its sex, shape, weight, age, clothing, etc.—matters.

If someone can meet my needs I should be with them, if they cannot or will not I should leave.

Knowing how to get people to love me—through giving gifts, having an attractive

personality, body and life situation, and appropriately guilting them—is a crucial skill in life.

My attraction to certain individuals holds the promise of my future happiness.

My attraction to them is a gift that should make them feel good about themselves. It is not an attack.

Conflicts are best resolved by a good memory of the conflict’s exact history, good

bargaining skills and a willingness to compromise