Tuning into the broadcast of God’s Love

I wrote the following exercise based on the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels. It takes off from two sayings in particular, both of which show God’s life-giving blessings being showered indiscriminately on everyone, regardless of their apparent merit. One says that we should love our enemies because that’s how God loves, “for he raises his sun on bad and good and rains on the just and unjust.” The other is the famous parable of the sower, where the sower throws his seed on different kinds of soil of varying quality. The term for this is “broadcasting.” The familiar usage of the term, which refers to radio and TV broadcasts, is actually drawn from the much older usage in farming. That inspired me to devise this exercise, in which God is broadcasting His Love to each and all:

Close your eyes.

Imagine God’s Love and care as being like a television broadcast,

like invisible waves rippling unseen through the air right now,

cast broadly over the land, reaching all homes everywhere, without exception.

The strength of this signal is the same in all places.

No matter where you are, the signal strength is total.

Realize, therefore, that this signal reaches you as well, in total strength.

However, it is not a mindless physical signal. It is love.

And as love, it loves you very personally and individually.

And it loves you totally.

This love is unaffected by anything about you.

It is unaffected by the flaws in your personality. It loves you just the same.

It is unaffected by the mistakes you’ve made in the past. These don’t hold a candle to the worth it sees in you.

It is unaffected by hurtful things you’ve done. It comforts you from the pain of them.

It is unaffected by your lack of spiritual dedication. It knows that deep-down you want God.

It is unaffected by how responsible you have or have not been today. It overlooks such tiny things.

It is unaffected by how well you are doing with this exercise. That’s too trivial to mention.

All of the things you regret about yourself are completely disregarded by this broadcast of total, unconditional love.

All that remains is for you to tune your set to this signal.

In this case, you are the TV set. You are built to receive this signal.

Your heart has just been tuned to the wrong channels.

But you can tune your heart to the channel of God’s Love and care.

So imagine doing that. Picture yourself reaching in and turning the knob of your heart to God’s channel,

so that His love comes alive on the screen of your mind.

And when you forget, and out of habit change the channel,

realize you can just reach in and change it back again.

The more you do this, the more it will stay on God’s channel,

until there is never a moment when you are not laying back in the everlasting arms,

resting in His Love and bathed in his care.

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