The Holy Spirit: Summary of a Class Presentation

In Thursday’s class, I tried to give an overview of what the Holy Spirit is. In a second class, I’ll summarize what He does.

So what is the Holy Spirit? He is first and foremost a creation of God, and everything God creates has two sides to it. First,

• It is an extension of Him
• Part of Him
• Made of His Being
• Shares all of His attributes
• One with Him
• Held in existence by Him


• It has its own identity
• Its own will
• Its own mind

The first aspect, in other words, is that it is, in a sense, just more God. The second aspect is that it is its own mind, its own center of consciousness, if you will. My point is that both are true of everything that God creates. And since God created the Holy Spirit, both are true of Him.

We see these two sides in the two key terms for the Holy Spirit: Voice for God and Voice of God. Now it’s true that “Voice of” is not in the familiar FIP Course. But that is because the original references to “Voice of” were all changed to “Voice for”—every single one. I’ve done a careful count of how these references appeared in Helen’s notes and in there were originally 23 references to “Voice for” and 23 references to “Voice of.” They were clearly equal terms in Helen’s original dictation, even if the published FIP Course contains only references to “Voice for” and no references to “Voice of.”

“Voice for” has the connotation of that second aspect: a Being distinct from God that merely speaks for God, represents God. “Voice of” has the connotation of that first aspect: the Holy Spirit as a mode of God expressing Himself, as simply a kind of permutation of God.

Note, however, that neither “Voice for” or “Voice of” fits the idea that the Holy Spirit is merely our memory of God, or merely our own right mind.

To try to capture the concept of the Holy Spirit that comes out of honoring both sides—“Voice for” and “Voice of”—I came up with the following idea:

You know the concept of an archangel—a chief angel
Imagine the highest archangel—
The most pure vessel through which God can work
He is vast—can be everywhere at once.
He is inside all minds, active inside every molecule and every atom
And in each place He is aware of every other place
He is also active in all times at once, and aware in each time of every other time.
Now add one more element: He is so perfectly in tune with God
because He is God stepping Himself down to reach His separated children.
He is just a mode of God expressing Himself.

I welcome any discussion on the Holy Spirit, and like I said, I’ll have a second class in which we cover what the Holy Spirit does.