True Prayer

Write down:

  • something you’ve been wanting to buy_________________________________
  • some event you have been wanting to happen___________________________
  • some situation you have been wanting to go your way____________________
  • someone’s body you’ve been wanting__________________________________
  • someone’s approval you’ve been wanting_______________________________
  • someone’s love you’ve been wanting___________________________________
  • some kind of recognition you’ve been wanting___________________________
  • some form of comfort you’ve been wanting_____________________________
  • some improvement of your body you’ve been wanting____________________
  • some high status person you’ve been wanting to know____________________
  • some food or drink you’ve been wanting________________________________
  • some piece of clothing you’ve been wanting_____________________________
  • some amount of money you’ve had in your head that you’ve wanted_________
  • somewhere you’ve wanted to shop_____________________________________
  • some place you have wanted to go____________________________________
  • some car you have wanted to have____________________________________
  • some item for your household you have wanted to acquire_________________

Example #1: Speak the following words to God:

Father, I will forget the things I think I need.
I will forget my “need” for [name an item on your list].
I will forget my “need” for [name another item].
I will forget my “need” for…
I will forget my “need” for…
I will forget my “need” for…
I will overlook my specific needs as I see them.
I let them all go into Your Hands.
There they become my gifts to You.
They tell You that I would have no gods before You,
No Love but Yours.
What could Your answer be but remembrance of You?
My prayer is a stepping aside, a letting go,
A quiet time of listening to You and loving You.
Why should I beg when I am fully entitled to everything Love has to offer?
And it is to Love I go in prayer [or “to You, my Love”…]
My prayer is an offering, a giving up of myself to be at one with Love.
There is nothing for me to ask because there is nothing left to want.
That nothingness becomes my altar to You.
It disappears in You.

Example #2: Speak these words to God, once through for each item from your list

I thought I needed (name a thing from the list).
All I need is Your Love.
And Your Love will take on a form most useful in a world of form.

Workbook Examples of True Prayer

Lesson 231: Father, I will but to remember You.

  1. What can I seek for, Father, but Your Love?
  2. Perhaps I think I seek for something else; a something I have called by many names.
  3. Yet is Your Love the only thing I seek, or ever sought.
  4. For there is nothing else that I could ever really want to find.
  5. Let me remember You.
  6. What else could I desire but the truth about myself?

Lesson 233: I give my life to God to guide today.

  1. Father, I give You all my thoughts today.
  2. I would have none of mine.
  3. In place of them, give me Your Own.
  4. I give You all my acts as well, that I may do Your Will instead of seeking goals which cannot be obtained, and wasting time in vain imaginings.
  5. Today I come to You.
  6. I will step back and merely follow You.
  7. Be You the Guide, and I the follower who questions not the wisdom of the Infinite, nor Love whose tenderness I cannot comprehend, but which is yet Your perfect gift to me.

Lesson 242: This day is God’s. It is my gift to Him.

  1. And so we give today to You.
  2. We come with wholly open minds.
  3. We do not ask for anything that we may think we want.
  4. Give us what You would have received by us.
  5. You know all our desires and our wants.
  6. And You will give us everything we need in helping us to find the way to You.

Lesson 261: God is my refuge and security.

  1. Let me not seek for idols.
  2. I would come, my Father, home to You today.
  3. I choose to be as You created me, and find the Son whom You created as my Self.

Lesson 272: How can illusions satisfy God’s Son?

  1. Father, the truth belongs to me.
  2. My home is set in Heaven by Your Will and mine.
  3. Can dreams content me?
  4. Can illusions bring me happiness?
  5. What but Your memory can satisfy Your Son?
  6. I will accept no less than You have given me.
  7. I am surrounded by Your Love, forever still, forever gentle and forever safe.
  8. God’s Son must be as You created him.

Lesson 275: God’s healing Voice protects all things today.

  1. Your healing Voice protects all things today, and so I leave all things to You.
  2. I need be anxious over nothing.
  3. For Your Voice will tell me what to do and where to go; to whom to speak and what to say to him, what thoughts to think, what words to give the world.
  4. The safety that I bring is given me.
  5. Father, Your Voice protects all things through me.

Lesson 287: You are my goal, my Father, only You.

  1. You are my goal, my Father.
  2. What but You could I desire to have?
  3. What way but that which leads to You could I desire to walk?
  4. And what except the memory of You could signify to me the end of dreams and futile substitutions for the truth?
  5. You are my only goal.
  6. Your Son would be as You created him.
  7. What way but this could I expect to recognize my Self, and be at one with my Identity?

Lesson 334: Today I claim the gifts forgiveness gives.

  1. I seek but the eternal.
  2. For Your Son can be content with nothing less than this.
  3. What, then, can be his solace but what You are offering to his bewildered mind and frightened heart, to give him certainty and bring him peace?
  4. Today I would behold my brother sinless.
  5. This Your Will for me, for so will I behold my sinlessness.

Lesson 346: Today the peace of God envelops me, and I forget all things except His Love

  1. Father, I wake today with miracles correcting my perception of all things.
  2. And so begins the day I share with You as I will share eternity, for time has stepped aside today.
  3. I do not seek the things of time, and so I will not look upon them.
  4. What I seek today transcends all laws of time and things perceived in time.
  5. I would forget all things except Your Love.
  6. I would abide in You, and know no laws except Your law of love.
  7. And I would find the peace which You created for Your Son, forgetting all the foolish toys I made as I behold Your glory and my own.