“Reach for My Hand” a Visualization

This visualization is based on the last three paragraphs of “The Undivided Will of the Sonship” (T-8.IV.9-11).

See Jesus and yourself on a journey, walking along a smooth, straight path.
The road is great, the sun is shining, you are happy to be traveling with your companion.
But then you detect a note of fear in you.
Will this path be able to satisfy everything you want?
Sure, it is great for some things, but for everything?

Suddenly, you see a side path branching off, but still heading in basically the same direction.
Just down this side path is something that often attracts your ego.
Maybe it is a grievance you cherish against someone.
Maybe it is money.
Maybe it is a body.
Look at what that thing is.
There doesn’t seem any harm in taking this little side trip.

Then you see something else. Just in front of you, beckoning you to take this path, is a
little dark cloud: your ego.
Out of this cloud a hand extends, a skeleton hand,
silently beckoning you to take it and follow it as your guide along this side path.
Now you remember; you know what lies down this path.
You’ve been down this way before.

It only seems to go roughly in the same direction as the path you’re on with Jesus.
In fact, it slowly loops back and heads in the opposite direction.
And once you lay your hands on that attractive image that is enticing you down this path,
it always changes into something else, something less desirable.
Further, the path eventually disappears and leaves you alone in the trackless forest.

Now turn your eyes back to Jesus. Hear him speak to you:

“Never accord the ego the power to interfere with the journey,
because it has none, and the journey is the way to what is true.
Leave all deception behind, and reach beyond all attempts of the ego to hold you back.
I do go before you, [hear him speak your name], because I am beyond the ego.
Reach therefore for my hand, because you want to transcend the ego. .” (T-8.IV.10:4-11:2)

See him reach out his hand, waiting for yours.
Now reach your hand out to take his,
knowing that he is beyond the ego, that he has no ego,
and that reaching for him signifies reaching beyond the ego.

“My will will never be wanting, and if you want to share it you will. I give it willingly and
gladly, because I need you as much as you need me, [name].” (T-8.IV.11:3-4)

Feel your hand in his. Feel strength pouring from his hand to yours, from him to you.
With this strength, all temptation to head off down the ego’s path leaves you.
You look up into Jesus’ eyes and then look on ahead down the path.
And the two of you continue walking.

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