Lesson 237 • August 25


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Lesson 237

Now would I be as God created me.

Practice Instructions

See complete instructions in a separate document. A short summary:

  • Read the commentary paragraph slowly and personally.
  • Pray the prayer, perhaps several times.
  • Morning and evening: Repeat the idea and then spend time in Open Mind Meditation.
  • Hourly remembrance: Repeat the idea and then spend time in Open Mind Meditation.
  • Frequent reminders: Repeat the idea and then spend a quiet moment in meditation.
  • Response to temptation: Repeat the idea whenever upset, to restore peace.
  • Read the “What Is” section slowly and thoughtfully once during the day.


These lessons in Part II all seem to be about realizing Who or What I really am. As the introduction to the Workbook says:

The workbook is divided into two sections, the first dealing with the undoing of the way you see now, and the second with the restoration of sight. (W-In.3:2)

So the emphasis in this entire last section of the Workbook, the last 145 lessons, is on true perception. The assumption is that the reader has at least become aware of the ego thought system in his life, although by no means is it supposed that the ego is entirely undone. If that were the case, additional lessons would not be needed.

What we are doing in these last lessons is putting the positive side of the Course into practice, and attempting to bring it into application. “Now would I be as God created me.” The goal is not just to understand the idea and file it away under “Facts: human nature, true,” but to be the Son of God, by bringing that truth to my awareness throughout the day, and living accordingly.

“I will arise in glory” (1:2). Each day can begin in glory. Radiance, bright outshining. Glory, according to my dictionary, means “majestic beauty and splendor; resplendence.” It is not a word we easily associate with ourselves. Today I can make a conscious effort to be aware of my glory. I am a radiant being. The light of love and joy shines out from me to bless the world. Let me sit a moment in silence, just picturing that, being aware of my own shining.

As I go through the day, let me “allow the light in me to shine upon the world throughout the day. I bring the world the tidings of salvation that I hear as God my Father speaks to me” (1:2-3).

This has more to do with being than with doing. It has more to do with radiating than with speaking. We teach peace by being peaceful, not so much by talking about it. If I am joyful, restful, loving, and accepting of those around me, my attitude will speak louder than my words.

So in this day, as I work and visit with friends, let me be radiant. I am as God created me, so I am radiant; I don’t need to do anything to become radiant. All that is needed is to notice what my thoughts would do to dim that radiance, and to choose otherwise.

In a certain sense this supersedes the earlier lesson where I ask the Holy Spirit where to go, what to do, and what to say. Now the emphasis is on what I am. It really doesn’t matter so much where I go, what I do, or what I say, as long as I am acting as the being whom God created rather than my independent self.

I come to see “the world that Christ would have me see” (1:4), and I see it as “my Father’s call to me” (1:4). Seen through the eyes of Christ the world can become a constant call to be who I am, to shine, to radiate His Love, to be His Answer to the world.