Lesson 54 • February 23


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Lesson 54

Review I

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This review links these ideas together as a powerful motivator for changing my thoughts.

My thoughts make the world, either the false world or the real world. The world I see is a “representation of my own state of mind” (2:5). I can contribute to the making of a world of separation, or I can, by awakening my real thoughts, awaken those thoughts in others. What I think and say and do “touches all the universe” (4:3). By changing my own mind, I can change every mind along with mine. When I realize this, I am filled with a dynamic determination to look upon the real world, to open my mind to the thoughts I share with God, and in so doing, to transform the universe.

Archimedes is reputed to have said, “Give me a lever long enough, and I will move the world.” I have that lever. It is my mind; “mine is the power of God” (4:6). One man whose mind is wholly transformed will transform all the world. Jesus was such a man, and the impact of his thought is still unfolding, the ripples still spreading in the pond of mind. I can join with him and add the power of my mind to his.

I do want to see “love to replace fear, laughter to replace weeping” (5:4). I want to let this be done through me. In each situation in which I find myself today, with each person I meet, may this be my aim. “I am here only to be truly helpful. I am here to represent Him Who sent me” (T-4.XI.8:2-3). By allowing my mind to be changed, I will bring healing to everyone I meet today.