Lesson 82 • March 23


Lesson 82

Review 2

Practice Instructions

See Practice Instructions Review 2


My forgiveness serves three primary purposes, according to this review:

  1. The light of the world is expressed through me, in this world, by means of forgiveness.

Part II of the Workbook says that forgiveness is the reflection of love in this world (W-352.1:4); it also refers to it as “truth’s reflection” (W-357.1:1). The full reality of love cannot be known in this world, but we can know its reflection, which is forgiveness. The reality of what I am is reflected here as I forgive.

  1. I become aware of my own reality, the light of the world, by means of my forgiveness.

What comes through me shows me what I am. I become increasingly aware of the Holy Spirit in me, and the Christ of which He speaks, by seeing His effects through me (see T-9.VI.1). To learn that I am love, I must teach love. Forgiveness, love’s reflection, is how I do that in this world.

  1. The world is healed by means of my forgiveness, and so am I.

As I forgive those around me, they see love reflected through me, and they see themselves in the light of love and are healed.

It is easy to see why forgiveness plays such a major role in the Course. It is easy to feel motivated to “forgive the world, that it may be healed along with me” (1:5).

I like practicing the line “Let peace extend from my mind to yours, [name]” (2:2). I will practice it now, as I write this, thinking of all of you who will be receiving this message: May peace extend from my mind to yours.

With forgiveness as my function, and with forgiveness having so many profound effects, I do not want to forget it today. It helps me become aware of my Self, and so I want to practice it today. Let me use everything today as an opportunity to learn forgiveness.