Miracle-mindedness and miracle doing

(This is striking me as incredibly important. The centrality of first cultivating miracle-mindedness and then expressing that in the form of miracle doing should be the first thing people learn about the Course. This has been the focus of my practice the last couple of days, with unusually good results.)

I’ve been sunk into the early dictation of the Course recently and a picture is crystallizing in my mind. It’s very simple and I’ve seen it, in a sense, for a long time. But still something about it feels new. Let me describe the picture to you.

First, we guard our  minds all the time, to keep them right-side up, to keep them free of fear. We stay in touch with our own natural state of grace.

Second, we do miracles. This means letting our inner state of grace express outwardly to others, in the form of kind words and helpful deeds. This is becomes what our days are about. This becomes the theme of our interactions with others.

Third, because our miracles express an uplifted inner state, they transfer that state to the other person. They put that person in a state of grace.

Finally, by giving, we receive. The state of grace that we pass on to another then becomes reinforced in us. It deepens and becomes more complete.

I’ve been saying this in many ways for a lot of years. So what is different now? I guess the difference is in realizing that not only does the whole Course come down to this, but the whole of life comes down to this. We are here to cultivate that inner state and then transfer it to others through loving acts. That’s it.

It’s very likely that we haven’t made our lives primarily about this. A life that is all about this is truly rare and exemplary. Let’s not let that discourage us, however. We are here to learn and to change. Sooner or later our every day will be about one thing: cultivating an inner state of grace and transferring it to others through loving acts.