“The Thought of God”

I am so excited. For the first time ever, I have really got this lesson (165. Let not my mind deny the Thought of God)! Up until now, it’s been rather ho-hum for me, a lesson to practice but definitely not one to get excited about.

Today’s practice changed all that. It started to come together while I was preparing a handout on the lesson for my Workbook students. As I was writing it, I realized at one point that every time I say, “I am as God created me,” I am accepting the Thought of God. Accepting the Thought of God is accepting Atonement for myself, because not denying, but rather accepting His Thought is the only real correction that my mind always needs. It sets the record straight: God in His infinite love created me and that is how I remain. His Thought is a loving one, through which He created me. It all comes down to love again.

James and I got a bit off track when he came home from work, and we decided to do a practice right then and there to get us back on track. I had a hard time focusing, so I asked the Holy Spirit how He would have me practice the lesson. What I heard instantly was, “Love your brother, Mary. He is a Thought of God, just as you are. He is as God created him, just as you are.” With that, my heart filled with love and with the awareness of the truth of this. I spent the rest of my quiet time in that place and came out of it full of joy to share with James what had happened.

Every time I am unloving, I am denying the Thought of God. I am denying my true Self and the true Self of my brother. Every time I am loving, I am accepting it. What could be clearer or simpler than that?! It’s just up to me to decide what I want to have in my mind: my own thoughts, which often include worries, impatience, and a whole host of other unloving thoughts, or the Thought of God, which is always, always a thought of love, no matter what the specific form. Given that it is the only real thought my mind can contain, the decision should be easy!


Mary Anne