The Word of God

[Please note: ACIM passages quoted in this article reference the Foundation for Inner Peace (FIP) Edition.]

I really like the meaning of “the Word of God” that Jesus gives in Lesson 276:

“My Son is pure and holy as Myself.”

I often give myself that Word and refer to it a lot in my teaching, so I was pleased to see it in today’s chronological lesson, “When I am healed I am not healed alone” (#137).  As I was going through the lesson, I made a connection between the ideas in 137 and 276. Here’s how I came to it. First, from Lesson 137:

Today we ask that only truth will occupy our minds; that thoughts of healing will this day go forth from what is healed to what must be healed, aware that they will both occur as one. (12:6)

We will remember, as the hour strikes, our function is to let our minds be healed, that we may carry healing to the world…. (13:1)

I noticed a process: I accept the truth; it heals my mind; then I carry healing to the world.


Let healing be through you this very day. And as you rest in quiet, be prepared to give as you receive, to hold but what you give, and to receive the Word of God to take the place of all the foolish thoughts that ever were imagined. (15:1-2)

I saw a clarification in this: The truth that lets my mind be healed is the Word of God. So, my healing comes as I receive and accept God’s Word as the truth and let only it occupy my mind, replacing all my foolish, fearful thoughts. That Word contains everything; it’s the Answer to everything.

So, my function is to accept God’s Word and the healing power in it, so that I may then carry it to the world. Carrying God’s Word to my brothers is what brings healing to them.

This connection is helping me in my practicing of this lesson, which hasn’t really grabbed me all that much before. Now I seem to have a deeper insight into it and am taking it more seriously.

The words in 15:2  summoned up an image for me, which I am using as I practice. It involves movements I learned years ago in a Reiki training (I think the process is called Deiko):

1.     First, I see myself extending my joined hands out to the left to give the Word of God I have received.

2.     Next, I see myself, hands cupped in front on me, holding the Word of God that I have given.

3.     Then, I open my hands and reach up to the right to bring down to me the Word of God, which replaces all my foolish thoughts about myself.

In order to describe this to you, I went through the movements myself, and my eyes filled with tears and my chest with a deep sense of fullness and expansion.

I have, as I like to say, “55 million” things to do today, and I started out the day wondering how I was going to manage. Now, I feel peaceful and calm, full of a new purpose. I don’t have 55 million things do; I have just one: to let myself be healed that I may offer healing to the world… to the next person I’ll be talking with, and the next, and the next….

I bless you, brother, for I would be healed with you, as you are with me.
You are God’s Son, as pure and holy as Himself.
Light and joy and peace abide in you.
Your sinlessness is guaranteed by God.
And you are guiltless now!

And Amen to that!