There are no accidents

When I went to Sweden in November I was picked up at the airport by a woman whose husband, a very devoted Course teacher, had died just a few months before. She was very interested to know what the Course had to say about the timing of death. Is it a choice? Is it God’s Plan? I offered to do a study for her on that topic in the Course .

Here is what I ended up doing: It is more generally about all events in our lives, not just death, simply because that is what I could find Course passages on.

This had a real impact on me. The reason is that, although I found three different accounts of what causes the events in our lives, all of them took pains to make the same point: There are no accidents.

If all three made this one point, I surmised it must be an important point. And sure enough, as I looked inside myself, I realized that I have a very persistent belief that life is full of accidents. To be more specific, it is a belief that events happen that do not really fit me. They are not really appropriate for me. It’s like I came out  of the clothing store wearing a really tiny dress—not a good fit for me.

Since doing this study then, a week or so ago, I’ve been dwelling on the idea that everything that happens is a perfect fit for me. None of it is accidental. It may not be a perfect fit for the real me—since only Heaven fits the real me—and it may not be a fit in terms of fairness. But it’s a perfect fit in terms of delivering to me the exact lessons I need at this time.

Anyway, I encourage you to read the study and share your thoughts about its conclusions with me.