unhealed healer

One who tries to heal without accepting the Atonement for oneself; the ego's version of the true no order of difficulty in miracles, and so finds many things too difficult to heal (see T-5.VII.2). He makes sin and sickness real, and then tries to dispel them. He does not know how to give, and instead wants to get (gratitude and money) from his patients. He thinks he is in charge of the healing situation. The Course specifically mentions two examples of unhealed healer (see T-9.V). 1. The unhealed psychotherapist, who uncovers his patient's dreams and unconscious material in order to find out the "truth" about the patient—that she is sick and victimized. He then tries to alleviate this condition by telling her that she is not responsible for it. 2. The unhealed theologian, who believes in the reality of sin (for himself and those he is helping), and thus fears God's retribution and hopes God will magically take the sin away. See T-7.V.7. See also the Psychotherapy pamphlet, 2.VII.4-7, 3.III.2:1.