“no order of difficulty in miracles”

The first principle of miracles (T-1.I.1) and of A Course in Miracles (see T-2.I.5:5), a central part of what miracles mean, "a real foundation stone" of the Course (T-6.V(A).3:5). Though the world is made of problems ( sicknesses, pains, fears, etc.) of different shapes and sizes, the miracle can heal all of them with equal ease. This stamps the miracle as being from beyond this world. The Course gives three rationales for why there is no order of difficulty in miracles: 1. The power of God, the power of love, is always maximal (see T-14.X.6:12-15). 2. All sons of God are equally worthy of the gift of healing (T-5.VII.2:5). 3. All illusions are equally unreal; all are different sizes of zero (see M-8.5). The illusion that one problem is harder to heal than others is produced purely by our preference for that problem (see T-26.VII.6), our valuing of it (see M-8.3:7), which leads us to withhold it from the Holy Spirit's healing (see T-17.I.3:1). This idea that some illusions are more valuable than others is the basis for the first law of chaos (T-23.II.2).