Principles of Miraculous Parenting

I did a class recently for our Circle Course Community on parenting. The basic premise was that all of the miracle principles at the beginning of the Course were meant to apply to the role of parent, as well as to other helper roles. Actually, this is explicitly said about the roles of teacher and therapist, and given how closely the early Course associates these two roles with the role of parent , and given what is said there about parenting (one of the original miracle principles framed miracles as “blessings from parents to children”), it is hard to escape the conclusion I drew–that the early miracle principles are meant to be applied to raising children (as well as applied to other helping roles).

So in my class I carried out that idea. Specifically, I applied 40 of the 50 miracle principles to the topic of parenting (I think the other 10 apply, just not as directly). What follows, then, are “parenting versions” of those 40 miracle principles. I have based my versions on the original wording and meaning of the principles, not on how they appear in the FIP edition. The central idea that they revolve around is that, as is stated over and over in the early part of the Course, “miracles are expressions of love” (T-1.I.35:1).

Principles of Miraculous Parenting

1. There is no order of difficulty in healing your child. It is just as easy to heal a “big” problem of your child’s as it is to heal a small one.

2. Giving miracles to your child simply means expressing love. The real miracle is your love for your child. Everything that comes from that love is a miracle.

3. God is the giver of miracles. He will direct you very specifically in how to be a miracle-working parent. You will be told all you need to know.

4. Expressing love to your child should be so habitual that it happens involuntarily.

5. Expressing love to your child is natural. When it does not occur, something has gone wrong.

6. Giving healing love to your child is your right, but first you must purify your thoughts.

7. Expressing love to your children heals them. Through doing this, you give of your greater abundance and thereby supply their most basic lack.

8. When you express love to your child an exchange occurs, in which the love you give is given back. This actually reverses physical laws because the interaction brings more love to both of you.

9. Your connection with God through prayer is what makes miracles possible. It is what allows you to be filled up with the love that you then express to your child.

10. Miracles come from your thoughts. To truly express love to your child you must engage in higher-order thinking.

11. Expressing love to your children releases them from their past and thereby opens up to them a new future. Being granted a new beginning, they are reborn.

12. Miracles arise from your conviction that your children are worthy of love. They thus bear witness to the truth about them.

13. Each day should be devoted to expressing love to your children. This is how to use time constructively.

14. The love you give supplies your child’s lack of strength and increases your own reserve of strength. It thereby teaches you both that it as blessed to give as to receive.

15. Loving your child entails a sudden shift away from a focus on the body. That is why it heals.

16. Expressing love to your children is the maximal service you can render them. In doing this, you recognize your own and your child’s inestimable value simultaneously.

17. Expressing love to your child begets cooperation, and cooperation makes your minds one.

18. Expressing love to your children reawakens their awareness that their spirit, and not their body, is the altar of truth. This recognition is what heals them.

19. Expressing love to your children is a natural expression of total forgiveness. Through doing this, you affirm your own acceptance of God’s forgiveness and extend that forgiveness to them.

20. Your expressions of love correct your children’s level confusion, revealing to them that the spiritual level, not the physical level, is the real seat of reality, identity, and happiness.

21. Through your love of your children, you can heal the sick and even raise the dead, because sickness and death are man-made illusions.

22. The expressions of love you give your children are passed on to others, uniting many people in an interlocking chain of forgiveness. When the entire chain is completed, it is the Atonement.

23. Giving love to your children frees them from fear.

24. The miracles you give your children are a blessing from God through Jesus through you. It is the privilege of the forgiven to forgive. Your soul will not rest until your children have found salvation.

25. Expressing love to your children is a way of earning your own release from fear. This opens your mind to the experience of God, in which fear is completely absent.

26. Expressing love to your children praises God by honoring the perfection of His creations.

27. Jesus inspires all your expressions of love to your children. They intercede for your children’s holiness and make them holy. They place your children beyond physical laws and raise them into the sphere of celestial order. In this order, they are perfect.

28. Miracles honor your children because they are lovable. They dispel their illusions about themselves and perceive the light in them. They thus wipe away their errors by freeing them from their nightmares about themselves.

29. The love you give your children restores them to the fullness of spirit. The strength of the spirit then protects them, leaving no room for the intrusion of lack.

30. Your expressions of love to your children are miracles, but these miracles will not always have observable effects.

31. The spiritual eye in you is the mechanism of miracles, because that is what allows you to perceive the truth in your child.

32. Your expressions of love dissolve error in your children, because your spiritual eye sees their errors as unreal. When light is seen, darkness automatically disappears.

33. Your love perceives the universal mark of God in your children. Seeing this mark acknowledges them, and ultimately everyone, as your brothers in the family of God.

34. When you express love to your children, you are seeing their wholeness. This corrects their faulty perception of lack.

35. Your expressions of love release your child from a misplaced sense of isolation, deprivation, and lack. They are affirmations of your child’s condition of Sonship, a state of completion and abundance.

36. Your expressions of love must arise from a miraculous state of mind, a state of miracle-readiness.

37. Giving love to your children flows from your inner awareness of Christ and acceptance of His Atonement.

38. Even if the love you express to your child seems lost, it cannot be. It will touch many people you may not even know, and may produce undreamed of changes in forces of which you are not even aware.

39. Expressing love to your child establishes an out-of-pattern time interval—a holy instant—not under the usual laws of time. As a result, both you and your child emerge much farther along in time than you would otherwise have been.

40. The love you give your children does not distinguish between degrees of error. It corrects their misperceptions regardless of either their degree or direction. This love, in other words, is truly indiscriminate.


[Please note: ACIM passages quoted in this article reference the Foundation for Inner Peace (FIP) Edition.]