Questions to Ask Your Pupil

The first question to ask your pupil is: “Do you have any questions you want to ask or things you want to discuss?” Below are some other useful questions.

  1. Conceptual Teacher
  • “Do you have any questions about any of the concepts that you have been reading about in the Course?”
  • “Do you want to discuss any of the concepts that have particularly struck you lately?”
  • “Is there anything you would like to discuss about a recent section you have read?”
  1. Guide Through The Program
  • “Are you spending daily time with the Course? What does that look like?”
  • “How are you finding your experience of reading the Course? Is it empty and confusing, or clear and personally meaningful?”
  • “Would you like to sit down and read a section with me? That way I can show you the reading techniques that I’ve found work for me.”
  • “How did your practice of the lesson go yesterday? Did you have any experiences with it that you would like to share? How closely did your practice follow the instructions? How frequently did you practice?”
  • “Do you have questions about today’s lesson?”
  • “How practical and effective are you finding the practice overall? Do you find that you turn to it when you become upset?”
  • “How do your morning meditation times generally go? What problems do you encounter while trying to meditate?”
  • “What kind of relationship do you feel with God? With the Holy Spirit? With Jesus?”
  1. Counselor/Belief Doctor
  • “Are there any situations in your life that you’ve been upset about or that have been weighing on your mind and that you would like to talk about?”
  • “Is there anyone in your life you’ve been feeling resentful toward lately?”
  1. Forgiver
  • “Are there situations lately where you have felt particularly disappointed in how you emotionally responded to or behaved toward the other person?”
  • “Are there situations from the past that you still carry guilt over?”
  • “Even though you are mainly conscious of your anger toward this person, can you see feelings of guilt underneath that anger?”
  1. Example
  • “Is there anything about my own work with the Course or about how I’ve applied it to my own life that you want to ask me about?”