Lesson 88 • March 29


Lesson 88

Review 2

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The ideas being reviewed today seem to be concerned with very different concepts, yet have a certain common ground that is brought out in this review. That common ground could be expressed in this thought: Only what is of God is real; what appears to be in opposition is only an illusion without power, except that given it through my belief.

The light of salvation has already come. “I always choose between truth and illusion” (1:5), and “attack and grievances are not there to choose” (1:4). I really have no alternative to the light because there is no alternative. My entire experience of darkness is an adventure in delusion and nothing more; there is no darkness. “I can but choose the light, for it has no alternative” (1:7). This is why the Text tells me that the outcome of my drama here on earth is inevitable. “God is inevitable, and you cannot avoid Him any more than He can avoid you” (T-4.II.19:9). In seeking that my perception be changed, I am only seeking to see what is already there, and what is the only thing there.

God’s laws alone rule me. The other laws that I think have power over me are laws that I made up. “I suffer only because of my belief in them. They have no real effect on me at all” (3:4-5). The laws of the ego cannot constrain me; I can be free of them now because I am, in reality, always free of them; they have no power. My ego at times seems so very powerful, the knee-jerk reaction of hurt and anger seems beyond my control and in control of me, but it is not so. I am free of these “laws” of chaos, of sin and guilt and punishment and separation. The healing of every relationship is inevitable because God’s laws make us one, not separate. “A happy outcome to all things is sure” (W-292), because there are no laws but God’s, no will but God’s. Only my belief in it gives power to the appearance of an opposing will, with opposing laws.

Let me then, today, look on everything with this insight. Where I seem to see darkness, let me proclaim the reality of light. Where I see laws opposed to God at work, let me declare them powerless. Thank You, Father, for the certainty of Your plan, the present reality of Your light.