Carefree Miracle Workers

Something one of my pupils and I talked about the other day sparked a new awareness in me. It started with our talking about how she believes that life for her (including her spiritual path) is all about her working long and hard before she can receive any benefits. This she has seen as being “responsible.” As she said, “I believe that to deserve things, I have to work hard and it has to take a long time.” (This is not something to which I am immune!)

Inherent in this is a sense of heaviness. One has the sense of someone plodding along interminably under the weight of a heavy burden. It seems to me that a feeling of fear is also part and parcel of this: fear that, unless I work hard and keep slogging, nothing will get done. It’s all up to me, and I can’t relax for a moment or everything will fall apart. It’s up to me to hold it all together. If I work hard enough and long enough, maybe then I will deserve to rest and to receive love and acceptance (from my parents, my boss, and ultimately God).

But Jesus tells us two things in relation to this kind of thinking:

1.     We need do nothing to make ourselves holy or worthy in God’s eyes (T-22.VII). We are holy and worthy simply by the fact that God created us and loves what He created. Our worth is not established by anything we do; it was established by God in our creation (T-4.II.14.2). All we need do is accept it.

2.     My “yoke is easy and my burden light.” What binds, or joins us, is easy, and what he asks us to carry (his message) is light––not heavy (T-5.III.11). How can light be heavy?!

As we worked on this belief of hers, I asked her what she would be like without it, and almost instantly she replied, “Carefree.” Then we talked about what God wants for us. Does He want us to plod along day after day, bowed down under the weight of hard work? Is He conveying to us the message, “You can’t get something for nothing. So, if you work hard enough you will earn my love and acceptance”? Of course not! He is here waiting for us to accept all the gifts that He continually bestows upon us freely and unconditionally. He wants us to be happy. He wants us to be a demonstration of His Will for all of us. He wants us to teach others the joy of His Kingdom. He wants us to live free of care, trusting His infinite care for us. We can’t do that without being joyful and carefree ourselves! So it’s a sneaky ego ploy to keep us heavy, burdened, in pain, and full of cares. That way it guarantees that we won’t fully fulfill our function here or be carefree as we’re going about the business of fulfilling it.

As we continued to work through this (but not with a sense of burden!), what popped into my mind was, “God needs Carefree Miracle Workers.” How can we really be miracle workers if we aren’t carefree? Full of cares implies fear, and this path is all about letting go of fear, and therefore letting go of our cares and worries. We can’t master love, which is essential to miracle working, if we are full of fear.

This morning I came across this quote, and it seemed to highlight the absolute necessity of letting go of the heavy burden under which fear would have us labour:

If a sufficient number of people become truly miracle-minded quickly, the shortening process can be almost immeasurable. But it is essential that these individuals free themselves from fear sooner than would ordinarily be the case, because they must emerge from the basic conflict if they are to bring peace to the minds of others. (T-2.XIII.3:4-5)

I feel as if I’m on to something here––something that I think is going to spur me on to let go of fear so that I can become “miracle minded more quickly.” Fear is what makes me believe that I have to work hard and long in order to attain God’s Love. It’s obvious that I won’t be at peace as long as I labour under the burden of hard work and heaviness. If I let go of this erroneous belief––that I myself have believed into being––and trust God and his infinite and unconditional love for me, my mind will be at peace. Then I will be carefree and joyful, free to be a Carefree Miracle Worker. Jesus needs us to be active workers in his party, and I’m sure that he wants us to be carefree active workers. Now that’s a banner under which I want to march!